8ec224801e1820a74f78b7770cbff722.jpgHey lovely people! It’s a really bright morning and I’m more than excited to tell you that today shall turn out good for you, whether or not you expect it to. Will you be positive? Okay, that’s a promise.It’s a really good feeling when writing is almost becoming my way of life. Well, it is. How are you though?

Do you have an obstruction from within? I mean what’s that inside of you that’s causing you to stay at one point because you do not want to move to the next one that’s far much better?

“Lucy, I just have this issue of getting angry and tired at the same time when I wake up in the morning and it gets to ruin my entire day.” Sad, right? Sandra was a sister friend of mine who had an outgoing personality. I mean, wherever we’d go, she’d outsmart or rather outdo me in so many ways because she would really express herself so amazingly. Never did she sugarcoat a thing. All she did and said was her exact true self.

Little did I know that there was some giant she was fighting from within. It was both anger and daily fatigue that never got to show when we were with her. She had some really nasty attitude towards some particular people and towards her work. When I got to ask her why she held on to all these feelings, she said she couldn’t let go. That if she did, it’d mean she became friends with these people she didn’t love and she’d be forced to love a job she did not! She wasn’t ready.

“Sandra, this will be for you.” I tried to tell her. “How much longer are you willing to have this attitude? How much longer will you be in pain yet pretend not to be in it? It is not them that are hurt but rather you who chooses to hold on to this.” I tried so much to tell her.


At the time, Sandra didn’t really listen much. These are feelings that were within self that she battled every single day she woke up. They were her obstruction to brighter better days, because we knew a different Sandra.

She needed to believe that YES, it was possible to let go. YES, it was possible to love those that were even difficult to like. YES, it was possible to love what she did if she looked at it differently. From a positive light.

Many of us are scared to confront our obstructions and that way, we have wondered why we are never making progress. Progress that most definitely needs to begin with self, because we want to hold on to the sabotage itself.

It’s time i tell you this.. You are what you choose to become. And this entails what you choose to hold on to, and what you choose to let go. You have enough strength within you to face your obstruction and better you and the situation around you. Never say never. Sandra was two different people. Who she chose to show to the world, and who she was when us her friends were not with her.

Darling diamond, thank you for passing by. Shine on today. From my heart to yours. 🙂



8 thoughts on “SELF SABOTAGE

  1. How much longer are you willing to have such an obstruction? Many have obstructions that they even fear sharing with their friends coz they have allowed them be part of them. Thanks Lucy for the piece.


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