Some will agree with me, while others will totally be against this one. It’s fine really. How are you my people? I want to choose to believe you’re good because it’s never that serious. Any tragedies? No. Be happy. 

A long long time ago, and this is probably a few years back. A friend told me a story of an encounter she’d been into. She used to live along Mombasa road. My friend had a boyfriend. I won’t use names today. Hehe.

One time during the weekend, they agreed to meet. The boyfriend used to live in Rongai. It’s obvious that most times we would rather use lies than be honest so we could have our way. My friend decided to let her parent know that she’d gone to meet a friend who was to have a look at her Resume and help her get a job. 

She and her friend met and they went to Rongai, then to Kiserian where the guy used to live with his parents. He decided to bring her home since the only people who were there were their help and his little brother who’d of course understand nothing at the time. 

So she tells me that when they arrived, he locked her in his bedroom that he shared with His brother. Ha! Ha! Ha! Is not easy by the way. But let us laugh together. That’s where their meeting was held until a certain time in the evening and they decided to leave. 

My dear friend was left at a certain place in Rongai, with her transport catered for. She boarded a matatu and they’d not even gone far. The matatu hit another, my friend hurt her lower lip and both her knees. It was not easy. 

I would want to narrate the tale to the end but let us think of it this way. If she had said no to meeting the guy, would it have made her a bad person? If she’d just told the mum that she was going to meet a friend, would it have made her a bad person? If she’d said no to going to their home to avoid being locked in the bedroom, did that make her a bad person? 

What I mean to say is this. It is alright to compromise really, but not at the expense of things either happening to you or to another person. Nobody said that when we sometimes say NO, we become worst people of a kind. This generation has got to learn. I included, that we cannot always have things go the way we want them to. We may never learn that way. Sometimes it is until we have learnt lessons that we later learn to say no to what would leave us broken. 

I just want to let you know, that it is alright to say NO. Sometimes. It’s not always about making promises. Sometimes, make yourself a priority. Do not fear saying no to a job offer you’re not comfortable with. Saying no to visiting clubs, saying no to staying out late. Love yourself. Then you can take care of the other person.  

A NO, is also sometimes VERY OKAY. 

Thank you for passing by. From my heart to yours. 😊 


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