716ec34752f30f07c283b9fc84584eabFirst of all, let me say I’m a little surprised at self that I’m getting to write down this. What do you wish to call me: Dr Love? Well no, I wouldn’t be that. The reason I felt I would write this is because, gauging most conversations I’ve had with peers about love, in this case (Dating).. I hope I can say something that really makes sense, honestly. Because all conversations I’ve had with most made it look like this was some kind of puzzle while it is not.

Anyway guys, how are you holding up? Good? Alright thank you. Keep at it because it is still positive energy and shining on all the way! I’m good and with that I’m hoping we will enjoy this amazing read together.

A while back, I met a friend of mine called Sheila. It had been a while we met so the joy and how pleasant I felt on seeing her, again was overwhelming. I was smiling from ear to ear. Sheila was doing so well with her life. She’d gotten a really good job, she’d managed to help her siblings through school, she’d ventured into business and had gone through school her self till PHD level. For me, that was more than good news.

We decided to just get to look for someplace in town and just catch up. You know how girls are. We want to know even the pettiest of issue we didn’t know of initially. Given her progress, I went first and asked her how she’d managed to do so well for herself. “Sheila, I’m amazed still. You look so good! Could you tell me how all this happened?” I asked her in exclamation! :-O

It had been by luck she had landed herself a really good job after we’d both completed campus. For some reason, I knew she’d land a good job because she’d so much loved the course she took and worked at it with so much passion. I don’t think I would call that luck. It was probably meant to just be! When you have a good job and you’re responsible, there’s so much you can do!

I decided to ask another random question, a bit shyly this time… “Sheila, you’re too pretty. Are you seeing someone? Do you plan on surprising me with a wedding invitation soon?” What followed was silence and it was dead, for a moment. I got wondering… “Did I say something inappropriate? I’d hate to spoil this date just like that. Oh my goodness! :-(”

b82e41ec529db8c0f54344f289a66225.jpgSheila had found love so many times but in just a moment it was no longer there. I needed to understand why. Sometimes we want to be with people who are in our same status. Sometimes we want people who always make us happy. Sometimes we want people who will show us to the entire world and just floss around. You know? The expectations are too high.

So with time I have come to realize that when it comes to love, we get so self centered. We are so much concerned on what things we want other people to do for us. We want them to hear us out without even having them explain things to us. We do not give people time to grow. We do not need others telling us things we need to and things not to do. It’s simple!

Often when we are thinking about love, we have so many assumptions in our heads that get to blurr the true picture of what it truly is. It’s a virtue and it is accompanied by other good things as: Patience, kindness, gentleness, and more as these:

0395f91ec2aa468dde1ab1cc0817e03f So for Sheila, it didn’t fail because it was never meant to be. It failed because it was more about her own kinda joy! It’s a two people thing and seeks to understand each other the best way possible. There’s something else, if you’re always angry, if you’re discontent, if you are probably guilty, if you are in it with anxiety, i think it is time you stopped and just had a meeting with yourself. Regardless of every challenge or hurdle, there’s room to grow, to understand, to learn and to FREE FALL!

Now here is the most important bit. If it is something that you are probably never going to take time to pray about, it is probably something that you shouldn’t even be in to begin with. Through prayer, we find direction. Through prayer, God keeps people together for the right reasons and they are able to walk miles they never thought they would.

That’s that! Thank you so much for passing by. From my heart to yours! 🙂


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