Hey loves! It has been an entire weekend and I didn’t get to share anything with y’all. How have you been though crazy diamonds? Did you shine on all weekend. Well those questions are not rhetorical just so you know. I know it is yes, and yes, and YES! 

I will give you a brief story of something I went through my entire 2016, in my search for growth. I know we should not be looking into what’s past already but hey, let’s learn. He! He! He! I don’t know what’s hilarious. 

For very many years, lol (you’d think I’m getting to 70) I have been looking forward to grow in terms of my career and character. You know? Generally what I focused most on was getting a better job, which I haven’t till now. I applied and applied and still applied. I went for so many interviews and imagine, none of them was a positive outcome. None! Devastating huh? Oh yes. It’s not funny. 

It was not until last Saturday when I attended a Prayer Service that some young woman gave a testimony about her Son who’d been to 150 interviews. None had bore fruit. I don’t think I’m even quarter his quantity. He didn’t give up. On this particular day, his mom stands up in front Jesus, and the crowd to declare that the Lord had been faithful to her son. 

Some of you are already thinking “It took the Lord too long to show His faithfulness”. “The Lord really did put this man to so much embarrassment before He could finally do something.” ah ah! Do not even try thinking in those lines. If anything, the Lord was faithful from the very beginning. You know in our waiting, we are never the same. We are being moulded and shaped before we lay our hands on what’s ours. 

Today felt like my 150th interview. I had attended one by the way. I was so excited. I felt so confident until it didn’t turn out as I had expected. So I figured “Oh Lucy, you had been excited for nothing. You should have calmed thyself” lol. I left the venue really sad and with a totally mind blowing migraine. Mind blowing. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s not funny. 

When I got to town though, I remembered some words I had read from someone’s facebook timeline. “Speak to yourself and to the world positive and powerful words, because in the end, words BECOME” And this is so true by the way. Call yourself useless, you become just that. Call yourself a failure, you become just that. Call yourself weak and frail, you become just that!!! Whatever you speak to yourself and to the world brings with it the same kind of energy. 

Mine was this… “There’s no way I’m remaining in this same spot this year. This is my time!” I’m strongly rooted to those words and it’s exactly what I will abide by. Not just by words but by action and attitude as well. 

Choose today what it is you would want to be tomorrow. It’s all in your attitude when things don’t go your way. We’ve been given power to prophesy positive things in our lives. If Prophet Ezekiel could speak life to dead bones and they came back to life, you too could speak life to your dead hope, your dead faith, it’ll come back alive and it’ll BECOME! 

Just have an optimistic attitude and believe that you can be who you choose to be! 

Thank you for passing by. From my heart to yours. 😊😊😊


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