4704177a4ddca5414aa3e65e1d0d2357.jpg Isaiah 1:18 Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Hello good people… Here I am, yet again and we are gonna do this together. The writing, and the reading of course! How’ve you  been the past hours? I mind you, I think of you and my greatest joy is to share in this together. What life has taught me and how God is working in and through you and me.

I came across a certain quote yesterday while I was going through my Pinterest, and it read something like “If you are not finding fulfillment in what you’re doing currently, you’ve probably not been called to do it!”To be very honest, that left me very dazzled. You wouldn’t want to know why.

Just recently, my colleagues and I were having a conversation at work. Everyone of us really did enjoy what we still do sometime back, until recently. We may not be complaining about it at this particular moment but there’s a lot of pain when you mention whatever it is that’s going on around here. (Its a long story). So my mind quickly flashed back to that quote and I was like “Oh my God, I’m I honestly doing the right thing?” You know?

My initial very bad days have turned out out into something really beautiful. I have kept calm. The negativity is a lot I can tell you but none of that is getting to me recently. I will tell you why. When this year began, I made a self decision, last Saturday it seemed more like a renewal for me. I told myself “Lucy, you have been frustrated for too long a time. You have denied yourself happiness for too long a time. You have complained for too a long a time. None of that has made you better, rather it has been the opposite. You have become miserable!”

This morning again, I bumped into the book of Joshua 9:15 and Joshua 9:16. Each said this: Verse 15 tells us that Joshua and the Israelites made a peace treaty without consulting God, and verse 16 says three days later they found out that the men they signed the treaty with were different from whom they claimed to be. Worse of all, Joshua and the men couldn’t do a thing about it because they made this treaty in the NAME of the Most High.

So, do we need God’s approval? YES WE DO! Today, we are doing so much by ourselves and leaving God out completely. We have decided to start up businesses because a certain idea sparked up in our minds and we felt that it’d be good. Did we pray about it? No. So now? We are stuck. We saw a beautiful lady, a handsome man and oh yes! He or she would be really good for me. Did we consult God about it? No. So now? The relationship is a month old and you’re heartbroken. Quite a number of people have called you for job offers and you’re now confused. But are you praying about it? No. Do you need a job? Yes. Do you get one? Yes. Does it last you? No. So where are you now? JOBLESS!

Sometimes in our minds, we feel that whatever we should be praying for is petty. Or like God will judge us if we are too open with Him. Or the matter isn’t major so it doesn’t really need His approval. We will work it out. Let me just say this, God is the ultimate judge yes. He is the Most High. But He will not judge you because You have come to ask His guidance over something you want to do. I reckon that is what we fear. We picture God in some very horrific ways, yet He calls us Children and we call Him Father.

Rest on this message today. “Come, let us reason together.” Only that is enough to let you know that whatever it is you feel towards something or someone, Papa is asking you to come confidently to His throne and just seek His approval. Should I go on or not? And He is gentle and will lead you in just the right way.

Come now child, let us reason with OUR GOD. Thank you so much you took time to read. This is from my heart to yours. 🙂

I love you! ❤


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