a68b64f75b211bb8faf85662d2b9a0ec.jpgHey good people! It’s been a few hours past since we were here together. You’re good? Well I’m most certain that you are. Well, this crazy diamond right here, has been dying to write something to you since last night… All I needed was a little inspiration and yes! I got it. From another movie! Ha! Ha! Ha!.. Let’s all laugh and enjoy this together.

I don’t understand why I didn’t use to watch movies by the way until recently. It wasn’t even in my list of goals either. But well, it’s not like I’m complaining but I’m getting really inspired by them, crazy or not. Just like I get by all the books I get to read. This could probably be my turn around!

So what’t the name of the movie again? “Due date!” Oh yes that is it. And there were these two characters, I’ll just use their first names to share that which I need to share. Oh well, I think I’ll just use both their names each. Ethan Tremblay and Peter Highman. Let me ask you, did you ever get to look at a person and wondered why you even crossed paths with them? You are totally convinced they are completely useless in your life, even when they have tried so hard to convince you otherwise? Well, this is the story here!

Peter Highman and Ethan Tremblay both met at the airport. They were both travelling to some city in the United States, Los Angeles? I’m lost. I don’t even remember. Rookie? Oh yes! But I’m getting there. A lot happens at the airport and it all begins at the point of off loading. Swapped bags, an argument in the plane, Peter getting shot by a rubber bullet cause it looked like he had sneaked drugs.. Yeah

Peter is missing all of his things including his wallet, so there’s no way he could even hire a car when they arrive. Who offers to help him? It is Ethan Tremblay. The guy whom he swapped bags with, whom he argued with at the plane, who caused him get that shot by that rubber bullet, ha! ha! ha! Let’s laugh together by the way. Well remember that mentality at the beginning? “I don’t know this guy, I have never even met him”. Peter really did hesitate to ride in Ethan’s hired car but he did anyway.

All this time, Peter needed to get home in time for the delivery of their first child. There so many issues they experienced along the way from an accident while Ethan fell asleep while driving. But before then, Peter had opted to run away and leave Ethan. He got all his luggage and dog and put them outside the car while he went to shower and left. My friend, conscience is good because Peter went back to Ethan but pretended he’d gone to get them breakfast. Wueh!

So let’s skip all the drama in between and get towards the end of this long story? Could we? They got to some kind of crater or cliff, and Ethan had to part with his Dad’s ashes that he’d put in some coffee tin. It was confession time and Peter went first. He told Ethan on how he’d planned to leave him for good that day he had pretended like he’d gone to get them breakfast. Ethan was like “why would you do that? But it’s okay” he was so gentle in how he approached it, I was surprised. It was Ethan’s turn to confess that everything Peter had needed to get to his wife in time for delivery had been with him all that time they went through stuff. Peter was sarcastic that it was okay but was furious still cause he gave Ethan a blow.

They reconciled though and since there was an important mission ahead, they still did travel together, still experiencing the odds but Peter with the help of Ethan who’d been so vulnerable at the beginning, got to his wife in time, with a real shot from a real bullet this time round.

So why all this? Sometimes we look around and think there are certain circumstances we can never get out of, people we could never relate to, or people we relate with but because they do some things to us, we could never forgive them. We decide on holding on to the negative side rather than look at the possibility of having a different story. If Peter had decided to leave Ethan, how on earth would he have gotten his wallet that had most of his possession, and if Ethan didn’t meet Peter and remained as vulnerable as he’d been at the beginning, he’d not have learnt to let go, and he would not have gotten a job through Peter at Hollywood!

We are still looking at things we need to change this year for good and its some perspectives as these. How to get to look at how positive a situation can be, how flowers could get to bloom from thorns, cause your story needs to change and it is just about to. Whatever you are holding on to, whomever you are holding grudges against could be the cause of your not accomplishing what should be due yet! It’s time to let go and be positive because it is darkest, before dawn.

Ethan turned out to be my hero. Look around and be humble, because your Ethan could just be there! Thank you for reading. From my heart, to yours! 🙂


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