01e6be6692c3e128c9a588ff69205acb.jpgHey good people! I trust you are good and have had a magnificent weekend. Well let me tell you why I’ve used the word “Magnificent” is because, yesterday I watched this movie called “The magnificent seven (7)” and it was not only interesting, it was a movie with great lessons in it.

Let me just put a summary to it. There was this man called Borgue and he was a mean man. He was selfish and thought of his own interests only. So what he did, he went into a land of very innocent people and he wanted to grab it from them. If I gathered right, they were simple people yes but living on a rich land. So they were trying to make a life. He comes, finds them in church, talks so much stuff and tries to convince them by sending threats so he takes their land. Well all of them are against it. One man is brave enough to confront him but Borgue the rough and unjust man kills him and several others.

The land and its people are under siege because of one man. It’s quite something when one person gets to instill fear in a multitude. One woman (whose husband was murdered in cold blood) finds a man who people think is trouble called Sam Chisolm, I’m not sure it is the correct spelling. So she, Sam and 5 others team up and declare to bring this Borgue man down.

The woman whose name I still cannot remember is so brave. Brave enough to assemble her people and let them know that there are men willing to help them. The people are under siege, there is mothers with children, aged people and others with families and they are scared. Some are not for her idea but she says “If anyone of you wants to leave, leave!” I don’t think anyone did. Her courage was outstanding.

Borgue was to come in to the land with his men for war, for battle. When I watched this part, I was reminded of the story of Joshua when they went round the wall 7 times blowing trumpets, and on the 7th day gave a loud cry and the wall collapsed  and the Lord granted them victory over their enemies? Does it sound familiar? Well, this was so much like it by the way.

Sam Chilsom and his men plus the fearless lady fought tooth and nail for the people they loved and for the land they worked hard on. It’s unfortunate that 4 lost their lives in the battle. Borgue lost his too and all his men as well. So his selfish motive didn’t come to be. He lost his men, the land and sadly, his life.

The reason I shared this Movie in brief is because I was so inspired. Sometimes, people wil come into our lives and make us feel like what we have worked so hard for shouldn’t even be ours to begin with. I had a terrible day at the office on Friday and this just was a way to cap how sad I felt that day. What would you do if one made you feel like you had to give away all you’ve worked for? How will you fight? The men and that one woman were called “Magnificent 7” because of what they did. It was not cowardice rather an act of great bravery.

Be brave enough to protect what you have put so much effort for. You don’t need to shed blood as it was in this case but what’s your thought? After my incident on Friday, I figured that I was MAGNIFICENT! There will be people who will see otherwise. Mistakes will be pointed out and what you value will suddenly be without meaning. But is that you? Are you built by others thoughts or opinions of you?

Darling, you are magnificent. You are fierce and you can stand up and stand out like that lady. Really, being the only woman fighter in the team, I was encouraged.

Think about it. Thank you for reading. YOU TRULY ARE MAGNIFICENT! From my heart to yours! 🙂


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