Good morning this very beautiful Sunday lovely people. I know it is strange that I’m getting to post on a Sunday but well, the heart wants what the heart wants and mine wants you. I mean. To post to you. Lol! 

There comes a time in life when we’ve really got to detach from people we’ve been in our lives. It’s an important choice we need to make, although most times we choose to be the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I may take an example of, I used to be these kind of people, I would often hold on to what I didn’t really need to and justified that it was okay. 😠. I’d often hold on to staying sad most times and saying that things never went as they should have, 😩. I would choose to sleep early, wake up late and do nothing constructive and call it progress! 😂

Clearly, those are so many people in one body but the same people lead to just one destination that’s called misery. Sometimes we have got to have the “I don’t care” if the world thinks you are becoming too fierce. If you are dealing with issues first hand while you’d initially just sit on it. You shouldn’t really care. If you feel that, that’s the person you should be because every day you move forward from yesterday, darling, be that but not a couple of people you shouldn’t be. 

I’ve been taught to look at life this way, do I often have time to think of myself as much as I think about other things, darling, do you matter? If you are to change this world, then it has most certainly got to begin with you. Therefore, it’s okay to just choose you. To just love you. Then you become just you for the right reasons! 

Oh yes! Nehemiah 8:10 “I will not be sad or unhappy, for the joy of the Lord is my strength!”

Happy Sunday and thank you for reading. From my heart to yours. 😊


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