e5b60a9c3be339a8579b14d54cabad11Hey good people. I feel like I should speak to me today, and by me I mean the girl, the lady, the woman. Girl, you’ve got power and it is something you’ve got to begin seeing! Oh yes!

Often people tend to say that women are enemies of themselves. Sadly, it is a truth that’s so bitter. Most women today are not living a life to the fullest because they’re busy comparing and competing.

I remember during those days I used to be in high school. It’s a really long time by the way, Lord! How time flies. This was some many many years ago? So my high school was of girls’ only. You know I’d watch most of the things we’d do at the time that caused us demean our power and I’m thinking today like, “What on earth did we do?” Anyway, that’s gone and I’m  believer of chances not being lost. Nothing’s truly wasted.

During that time, we’d bring perfumes, the most common one was from Shirley May, how would I even forget and I was a user of it? And then I remember also how we’d use the little pocket money to do big big shopping so we’d come show the rest our kinds of standards. It was a lot! The groupings, where the rich moved with the rich and the “poor” with the “poor” I don’t know if you relate. What if we had done better with that little pocket money? Our time?

No blame games though… There’s now a chance to be better. With our time, with our money, with the achievable goals we get to set, because the power is right within you and needs so much to be set on fire. It is not a wonder that when we are wise, knowing we sometimes have similar gifts and abilities, we always have a way to bring ours out so uniquely. That’s how we get to achieve. There’s a person who can do sales better, another get to market better yet they are almost the same things.

Today, girl, purpose to believe that you’ve got a power in that needs to be brought out. I don’t know how exactly to go about that but I know if we focused more on the impact it’d have on self and then those around us, our eyes become blind to “She is doing better than me at it so let me look for a shortcut so i don’t remain behind” Well no one said it was going to be easy, but then again, no one said it’d be impossible! There’s fire inside of you lady!

Thanks for reading and have a good time. 🙂 From my heart to yours! 🙂 With love of course! And light. 🙂



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