b2312d46c96f07a46651b04a3d29386d.jpgOn this particular day, work has been really slow and most of what I’d do was to customize my blog. There’s however something I’ve been able to come across as I was looking at particular themes to perhaps make  my blog look more appealing… Lol, just a litu. “Shine on”

So how are you lovely and amazing people? I put up a post here just yesterday so I’d like to believe that the last hours have been going well for you. If not, it’s time to start thinking and being fearless! Don’t forget to be humble though, it is very key.

Did you get to a point where you’d self condemn yourself? I mean, at a place where you’d feel no worth for self? I mean, something like “I’m the worst person”, “I perform poorest in class/at work”, “I say that which I never get to do”, “There’s nothing really good with my existing”. There comes that time. Don’t tell me you’ve not been here cause you’d be lying. I would only believe that you chose to see things from a more positive light.

So I got to talk to my friend today and there’s this really striking point that she got to shoot. “My King, this is my sin. I trust that You will help me overcome it” 🙂 Isn’t is this so beautiful? Don’t you love the attitude? Well, it is sin because at the time we were talking about sin. But it shouldn’t be the only thing that gets to put you down. It could be any other weakness that makes you feel the least important.

Let me now tell you something, sometimes, your strength will be derived from that very thing you call weakness. There’s a light inside of you that’s meant to be showed to the world. You’ve only got to discover how. What’s most important now is to know that it’s in your weakness that you get to find a unique kind of strength. I’m not sure the point’s getting home but this is really it and you’ve got to start being positive, so you start shining!

63bde28256f8b5eb1779a68f250c2d8a.jpgDarling, some things can only get done by you and no one else. That should lead you to your desired success story so whether or not things are bad at this particular moment in time, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. Take a different detour and live in a sparkle. Shine on because the best of you is right within you! Shine on!

From my heart to yours! 🙂


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