KARIBU 2017!

cb69fd07c7aef1b232215638515e891c.jpgHey good people! A good time it has been throughout the year 2016, and it is now a freshly new and clean page. You are ready to write your story? Cause I’m so psyched up to write my very own this year.

It is the third day of January. Two days gone, and they’ve been great I must say. I know many, many people all over the world put down resolutions so as to ensure that at the end of this year, they will have made huge progress with themselves. Well, that is very good!

There is one important aspect we forget. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! GOD! It is okay to forget all else. The resolutions, your friends, your family, your loves etc, I mean it, it is okay. Forget them, but do not forget He who holds the entire universe and that is GOD! You see when we have in mind that everything on this earth belongs to God, that which we see and that which we cannot, then we can never forget Him. Not in any situation or circumstance because He is God.

I also made another very important discovery. I should have thought about it this morning, Often times we have thought that when we choose JESUS above all else, life gets a little bit complicated. I love to say (a litu) but i figured it is the easiest kind of life. Why? It’s a life of made and fulfilled promises. It’s a life of assured peace and prosperity. It’s a life with direction. For example, Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct you and teach you the way in which you should go, give you counsel and watch over you” Wow! Sounds good right? This is the only place you will find a sure sense of belonging and an assured peace. You won’t need to look for it, it is right there!

So I’m here to ask you to remember our Good God that has made a New Dawn possible. The dawn of 2017. Speak to Him in whatever manner and offer the resolutions, the goals, your family, your job, your relationship and all else that not in control of to Him. We are actually in control of nothing, because all that is seen and unseen, whether or not it is with us belongs to Him. Believe and watch unbelievable blessings unfold in your life this year and be very positive about it!

Prayer: Father Lord, You are our Father and we are Your children. Today, You have chosen to abide in us in all ways. This ways You have chosen to remain amongst us because You know that we need You. That we need a Father. That we need Your presence. That we need a NAME to call on to. The Name of Your Son Jesus! John 14:14 says, Anything you ask in my NAME, I will do. So here we are Lord, humbly asking for the blessing of this very New Year! Only You can bless it Lord. I speak transformation, healing and peace over all your children reading this. Because they choose to trust in You, may their lives never remain the same. We love you God, we love You Jesus and we love You Holy Spirit. Blessed be Your NAME! Alleluia.

Thank you for passing by. From my heart to yours always! 🙂



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