90defcb98fd4468a17cbcc0f0332d230Good morning to you wonderful people! This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! It has been a few hours and I’m trusting your focus remains it. To shine on. To make a difference. To grow. To be positive. Everything good, amidst the bad!

Today I want to speak to any lady like me. One who’s felt belittled. One who’s been betrayed. One who’s felt a mess. One who’s been confused. One who’s experienced self pity. One who’s always walking on coals of fire. One who’s full of scars and wounds. This goes out to you.

You were born, rejected at child birth. Grown up feeling unwanted and rejected. This is for you. Your birth is something beyond your control. You are not lucky but blessed you’re still living. Your fate lies in your hands. You can be that change you’d wished at birth. You can be a super woman!

You went to the schools in the village. You walked bare feet, your uniforms were rugged. You had no friends, you sat alone, you could only carry a dish of boiled githeri. This is for you. You’re now a grown woman. It doesn’t matter where you schooled. What matters is what you are doing with the little or much you gained then. Be the voice for those like you today!

You are done with school. So much struggle you’ve been through. Time and again you were in and out of school. There wasn’t enough school fees to keep you in consistently. Girl it is okay and this is for you. At the time, that was how it was supposed to be. It’s gone now. You have an ability, a uniqueness. Use that to grow yourself!

You fell in love. Innocently you remained so faithful to the love of your life. You got pregnant and was rejected. You have no good job and you do not know how exactly you will look after baby. This is for you. Tears may fall in the night, but joy comes in the morning. It is well. That child will eat, will sleep and live a life they never imagined. Because you were strong enough to bring him into this world.

Now you are single. You have wanted a life partner. Love has failed you. Companionship has failed you. Friendship has failed you. Joy has left you. This is for you. You have a friend who is closer than a brother. Feel His embrace now, He needs to fill you with Himself first, and then He will send love your way.

Darling, I know you have not only been hurt, you have been rejected. Insulted and mocked to your face, looked down upon and made to feel of no worth. I want to encourage you with the story of a woman who’s been like you, a period of 12 years.

I don’t know her name, but I know she has suffered. I don’t know where she lived, but I know she found Jesus. This woman suffered hemorrhage, for 12 years. Blood leaving her all that time and still SHE WAS ALIVE! Well today, it’s easy to die from loss of blood for not so long a time. But she didn’t!

As Jesus was passing by, she wondered how she could just reach through to Him. She felt ashamed because of her condition. People rejected her and considered her dirty, filthy, impure. But somehow she managed and got through to Jesus. “I don’t have to get to where He is. All I need is to touch the hem of His cloak, and I will be well!”

She was bold enough to do it and voila! She was made well. Jesus noticed strength leave Him. He didn’t condemn the woman. Instead, He was impressed by her faith. “Daughter, go in peace. your faith has made you well.” That was it! The whole word was against this woman, rejected her because she was “dirty” but see how Jesus responds.

This goes out to you once more daughter. You feel that life has been nothing but unfair. Jesus still lives. Walking among us. In the crowds of the streets. Even Tom Mboya! Are you ready to touch His cloak? Are you bold? How about a boost to that faith?

You are wounded, rejected, single, unemployed. Here is how you touch His cloak. It is in John 14:14 “If you ask the Father of anything in my Name, I will do it.” And after, He will grant you peace as you walk on the streets of this big town, city, village, etc.

This goes out to you. When the world has been nothing but against you, Jesus is and will forever be for you.

I love you. 🙂

From my heart to yours. 🙂




706543cebbfc6b156a53c73cd03bf609.jpgMorning wonderful people. Can you recall the pain of a healing wound, that starts to peel off just again and makes it once more fresh? It is quite painful right? How do you handle the pain? Do you sit and cry? Do you clean it again? Do you just leave it exposed to the dirt and let the germs in?

Well, I’m trusting that your weekend has been really great. If I’m to speak of mine, there is nothing much I got to do. It was too short. I’m even somehow sleepy this morning. Lol! Anyway, I’m not complaining. If anything, it is still a day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.

So, I’m going to speak of scars today and perhaps we will get to share a litu on how exactly, we can keep the wound not open and exposed, and maybe how we can handle its freshness when it gets to peel. Everyone has been hurt in this life. It could be by your boss, your colleague, your best friend, the love of your life, even a relative.

That’s a really fresh and painful wound! Handling it at the beginning becomes even the most difficult thing to do. We focus so much on the pain, we cry, and we wallow in self pity. It is normal. You will get speaking to one, two, three trusted people and you will get to find out that if they understand your position, they will most likely give you the same kind of advise. “Let go”

Now the healing process does not begin with your confidants asking you to let go. It begins when you now confront your pain. How exactly you want to take care of the wound. It may not heal completely to be forgotten, because even a physical wound gets to leave a scar.It is however a battle. It inflicts hate, anger and a whole lot more bitter, bitter feeling.

I have grown up to know that Jesus was and is still the only wounded healer. But we too, can become wounded healers to those that are holding on so strongly to hurt, vengeful feelings and a lot more.This was a battle for me this morning. Sometimes I think, “Ah, Lucy, you’re just fine. Wuup! Wuup!.” And then I get to remember and I’m like “That feels like a stab in my chest!”

Then I get thinking to myself. “I’m holding on to this bitterness. How I’m I supposed to forget? To let go? To just live as if nothing happened?” 🙂 🙂 I do this in soliloquy. Hehe. Asking and answering myself. Lol!

When I choose to hold on, here is how i choose to treat my wound. I choose to leave it exposed. I do not sanitize it, it is just there exposed to dirt and germs. That means that my wound will never get to heal. I will be a walking wound. How about if I choose to let go? (Not a one time thing). Letting go means step by step. Surrendering the hurt to Jesus, asking Him to not only heal you but to help you forgive and finally, believing that through forgiving, He will heal the wound. He will sanitize it. No germs, no dirt, no dust. It’s clean and will start drying up and heal completely.

So now, how do you become a wounded healer? Everyone in this world is wounded. You become a vessel for those the Lord gets to put in your path. You become a wounded healer in understanding the pain caused by holding on to hurt. Letting the wounded person know that it is possible to move on, even if it does not take place suddenly. Knowing that they have been wounded, they can surrender, they can forgive and the wounds can dry up only leaving a scar, a sign of their strength in overcoming!

God bless you. Go out and be a wounded healer darling!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


Lord, just keep my eyes open so I’m able to write this to the end. A promise is a debt! Lol. 😂😂😂.. Hey guys how has been your day today? I’m trusting good. Everyone should actually get using fantastic, because it’s the weekend! Alililili! Oops! Let me use English ululation (wuup wuup)! 😊😊😊😊

My title? Yes.. That’s what I’m going to talk about. Has anyone ever smiled at you so genuinely, (or is it me that smiled at them?) and you felt like a whole new power or positive energy was somehow ignited in you. Just yesterday, a story was given to us. 

There was once this lady who went about shopping at Naivas Supermarket, Westlands. Then she was able to meet a certain gentleman who was an employee of the supermarket and she somehow managed to get some assistance from this man after which she told him, “God bless you”. The man later got to ask the woman “Who is your God?” It turns out later, that the man one day went to Consolata Shrine, Westlands, looking for this God of this woman. See what the words “God bless you” did! The impact they created. 

The same thing happened to me earlier today. During Mass, there is a part we get to where we greet one another, “Peace be with you.” in this same church and for a very long time, there has been a certain woman I have been observing. The thing about her that caught my attention is, how she’d read the readings at church. 

From a close glance you can tell that she’s a bit aged. But she is really smart. First she is so eloquent, smart physically and sounds really intelligent. Now what happened today is this. 

During that time of “peace be with you” she was just in front of me. And she turned. And she greeted me with the greeting. That was not just it. The warmth in her smile. Hulululu. “Thank You Jesus for making me sit there today” my whole day today has been with an extraordinary excitement and joy. Been at so much peace i didn’t even notice the day come to an end. She turned everything around for me today not just by the greeting, but by the smile also. 

So what I’m I driving at? There’s a famous quote by whoever that says, “You may be the only Jesus people see”. How is your attitude towards other people? I can tell you for a fact that you never can tell who is broken and who is not. You may also never get to know whose life you change by saying “God bless you” or “peace be with you”

The woman doesn’t know me. Neither do I know her. I may never see her again. But let’s wait for Monday. But the Lord knows she really did impart in me today. Remember, “You may be the only Jesus someone sees” 
God bless you! Peace be with you! 

Thank you so much for passing by. Have a fantastic weekend. From my heart to yours with love. 😍


605579c9a2e11ba46185d118d699ceb6Oh dear, its gonna be a really tough day for me today. In a good way though. I know you are already starting to think that I’ve started to go downhill eh? Never oh! Not even a litu. I will get to tell you what has happened and is still happening however.Eh, trust me is not easy. Ha ha ha! Ah ah!

In all honesty, I’m very excited today and sad at the same time. So I left home this morning, at my usual time (don’t ask what time) and I was walking helter skelter (remember those primary school compositions?) 🙂 🙂 :-). I got to the matatu, (not gotten a car yet) and just sat there. Something was really missing. First, I didn’t sit at my usual seat. And second, it felt all silent. What was going on?

I really sat thinking. I was just staring into the air and mark you, it was still a bit dark. I’m still excited though but I have forgotten something very important. The matatu has no music, and the lady seated next to me and she had some music playing in her bag. I think she had not inserted the earphones right. 😀

Now I know! Eh, Lucy, you forgot your earphones. How now? That should be like your wallet lol. You should never forget it. Hehe. So I figured why I felt so weird. It was because I had no earphones. You know sometimes when I’m leaving the house, I already know the songs I’ll listen to that morning. So now, while in the matatu I’m still in disbelief.

The conductor is asking for fare, but I’m so busy in my bag looking for my earphones. Unfortunately, there is just my charger.

Anyway, what excites you? What is it you cannot do without? Is it a good thing? Sometimes the things we can do without, we would rather even not be without it. But me? Music? My earphones? I would rather not be with my phone at all.

Now I’m just seated here. waiting for 5pm so I go home. Get my earphones and get all musical. I wish I was like those people who are so free and walk around with music on loud speaker. Lol! You will  not stress them by the way. Hehe. It is a good day still. Identify what you love and see if it does you good. If it does, trust me you’ll brew lots of ideas from the same that’ll keep you all fine tuned every single day.

I plan on doing another blog post later in the evening. I think I’m back by the way. So we will continue this wonderful journey of amazing stories and shares. Look out for the other one coming later in the evening!

I love music. I love my earphones, even if I’ll have to be without them today. What can I really do without you?

From my heart to yours. 🙂


c9e4d66d0d08a28da283d427d06faf15.jpg I know, especially when you have had to make so many compromises, yes. Life is unfair. Sometime back I got to visit an arid area in the country and got to interact with someone. No names, no area mentioning but I can tell you for a fact, life is vast and there is something in how we all get to look at it.

I know almost all of us will agree that the choices we so often want to make are the ones that we should be so much against. They can only excite us for a moment. But what we really fight against, most times what we openly deny and even swear not to ever do, is what would take us up to that next level.

It is really difficult watching someone you love, a really close friend, one who has been there for you when you were weak, when you couldn’t stand up for yourself, break down to tears. It’s difficult because you thought they were strongest. Life’s unfair, huh?

I earlier looked at this particular scripture “1 John 4:4 Great is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” This way, I realized that even the strongest are not an exception from experiencing these challenges. They too have their very low moments and their very dark times and are tried too. Life’s unfair right? Who will stand up for the other if we all are weak? If we all are tried? If we all pass through this storm.

Courage honey. 🙂 There is a way to go around it. A gentle command to weather this storm each of us is experiencing, one at a time. Before I state it, let me tell you that life isn’t unfair. Neither are you a weakling. But you would be, if you choose to be.

Here’s the command. Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

These are not mine words. If I should really encourage you, they are GOD’S OWN! Do not fear! God’s words are ever so sweet. Why they make no impact in our lives often is because we choose not to stand so strongly in them and with faith. But I can assure you it comes to pass!

Here’s what I need to tell you. Know that you are not considered unimportant because you’re tested through fire. Well the world may regard it that but in God, He is making you stronger than you are. Tough times come, but never do they last. You shouldn’t let yourself dwell too much on a matter either. Because the faster you move from it and dwell in grace, the longer you experience happy times.

I hope this helps you that’s sullen, sad, low, heartbroken. You have not been forgotten. You are loved more than you know!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


1fab065a51bac2a2c0dc8b22d30f7047.jpgThis probably couldn’t wait but hey! How are you guys? Well I’m still not back. Give me two days more and we’ll get rolling once again, consistently on positive vibes! I mean it. I trust you’re keeping it well though, are you? I believe this is the last month of January so the Spirit from within should feel PSYCH, think PSYCH, laugh PSYCH, talk PSYCH, psych, psych! It has been a long month for sure. Lol! 🙂 Some joy.

Alright. There are certain things that in very many ways come to us, they do so forcefully and we think we can control each of it. I have been experiencing surprise after surprise and I can tell you for sure, none has been pleasant. I now understand why so many people do not love surprises. Even the good ones! Everyday, and especially if you are under someone’s authority, you seem to just do everything they ask you. Simply because you have no choice!

I also figured that sometimes, speaking does more harm than good. But what goes about when we are silent? Tongue tied? Not able to control the situations that overwhelm us?


It is to first understand that you have not been put on this earth to take charge and control of everything. Isaiah 45:2-3 says “I will go before you and level the mountains. Bronze doors I will shatter and iron bars I will snap. I will give you treasures out of the darkness and riches that have been hidden away, that you may know that it is I, the Lord. The God of Israel who calls you by your NAME!” This scripture does magic for me by the way.

I get to understand that sometimes I try to take God’s job and do it, and therefore I end up frustrated. If He says He will go before you. Then He will. If He says He’ll cut through bars of iron, yes He will! And if He says He will give you riches and treasures hidden in darkness, believe me He will. Treasures? Yes. Financial,breakthrough, a job, a life partner all these. but the greatest treasure He will give to you, is HIMSELF!

So i would love to tell you this. There is probably a lot that is happening in your life right now. You are in tears because you can do nothing about it. This morning someone told us this. Mary Magdalene who first witnessed the risen Lord, was in tears before she recognized the risen Lord.

I do not know what’s beyond your control today. What is putting you in tears this morning. Tears so many that you can’t even see clearly. The Lord has not left you. You may feel Him far but He call out to you today, just to let you know He hasn’t departed. He is still with you.

Points to note:

  • If it’s beyond your control, pray about it. Believe that the Lord is aware of the situations and He will not only level your mountain, He will move it.
  • The Lord has called you by your name. You. Sarah, Lucy, Jacob, Martin, Esther etc. Whatever be your name and He says “(Insert your name,) I have not departed from you. I’m still here with you.

May you live this day and everyday aware of who controls your life. It shall never be the same. God bless you. From my heart to yours! 🙂


Good evening wonderful people. So this might just be the last post for this week. 😢, but I’ll soon be back and we will continue the wonderful sharing. 

So how exactly do we learn to live in love? How exactly do we know it’s right there in our hearts, and it’s more than enough to give? 

Well, I will mention 2 encounters I have had today. I walked from the office to where I get to board matatu from. That’s Ngara. As i walked there were so many thoughts in marathon in my head. I could gather none cause it was so much at the same time. 

By the time I was getting to the stage, I was even dizzy. Sometimes we put ourselves under so much pressure and it’s things we can’t even control. Psychologically, I was already into my future and I’m not even done living today. It was so much, so much because when I got home i was even angry lol. I must say I was angry over nothing. 

I think I will just remain with just that one encounter. I know sometimes we are beyond encouragement. Sometimes we are living today, but our mind is already 10 years ahead. That’s where we miss the point in this life. We forget to make best use of what and who we are today. We forget that there’s power within us to make us spectacular people now and in the days to come. 

Taking charge of today would mean that we control how we feel and especially about ourselves. Because in case you didn’t know, how we feel is how we act and how we act is  what we become. 

Love, love, love is where it all begins. I should tell you that because of those many thoughts in my head, I was a little upset and unleashed the same to someone. Let’s live the life we would love and love that same life because it breeds with it a lot of positive energy and light. 

I leave you with that and wish you a very wonderful week ahead. 

From my heart to yours. 😊