4965a8ceab2d1bf81b1a3fd0ef610381.jpg“It is boring. Your kind of life, is way boring.” That’s what he told me. Not too long ago, I decided to have a chat with a friend and just get to understand life. It’s a mystery, I thought because the more we’d try to understand it, the more complicated it got. Oh yes.

It is very difficult to live a perfect life, but it is very possible to live a good kind of life. A perfect life is an example of trying to please everyone around you. Being there for everyone because you want it known that you have been reaching out, ensuring that you answer all the questions right knowing how tired you’ll get looking them up. That’s honestly difficult.

And good? It is simple. There was once a time I woke up so grouchy. I woke up late and it was a weekday, meaning, I was to go to work! Well, I woke up regardless and prepared for work. I wasn’t talking to no one. I didn’t greet anyone good morning. Not on text or even when I got to work. When I got to the office, I just sat and started working. Well I felt really bitter inside. I’d look at people and just wonder, “what kind of people are these? They don’t even want to know how anyone is doing!” I was furious. Lol. Over nothing.

So it’s that. A good life will let you take everything as it comes. If you probably oversleep and you know you will be late to work, just send an apology and say you will run late. Don’t act like it is everyone’s fault that you woke up late, you won’t greet anyone. You are under performing at work. It is all your fault! Wake up and thank God for the day. Let Him know that even if you’ll be late to work on that particular day, You still are willing to see what it is He has in store for you.

babbf087598d8e0124a4394ae1f290eb.jpgThere is something else. When you just let yourself take each moment as it comes, you will be able to live it as it is supposed. Don’t think so hard about tomorrow. There’s a common phrase, “Tomorrow may never come” so make best use of today. Live today as though it were your last and that way, tomorrow takes care of itself.

One last thing. How much do you trust God? Do you trust Him enough to believe that the grace He provides for a particular day is enough? Sufficient? Do you trust Him enough to open your heart to Him? Do you trust Him enough to love Him fearlessly? Do you trust Him enough to call Him: Sole provider, sole protector, All in All, I am, Father of all creation? Because He is all this and more.

It is only 3 days to the close of the year and we will soon be living another chapter. Forget what you didn’t do right this year. Focus more on making it better when we get into 2017. Forget the friendships you lost this year, focus on how you could restore them. Forget the many times you failed this year, focus more on how you would learn to rise after falling. Forget the insecurities you had in your relationship this year that made you restless. Focus on communication, prayer and being more trusting. There will never be another you to make you better. You are the only one that can make this great difference.

Let God control your words, your decisions and everything that causes a shift in your attitudes. He knows you better than you even know yourself. He calls you “My Beloved!”

Thank you so much for reading. From my very heart, to yours. 🙂











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