Hi beautiful person! It’s still Christmas season, but I want to believe that it has been an amazing Christmas day. I think the last few blogs I’ve made during these last days has been much about daring to be! Don’t just dare, believe you actually can be. 

Still doing a recap of my year and probably my lessons might get helping someone a great deal. Because this time around, I’m not only asking us to dare (us because I’m so much in this), but I’m asking us to have enough to fight. 

Do you often day dream? Lol, I don’t know if I would have put it any better. Sometimes I see so many random pictures in my head of places I’d want to be at. At certain positions I’d wish to get to. It doesn’t happen just once or twice, but lots of times. 

I’ve thought about it. If I can actually imagine it, it means that I badly want to get there. It means that I need to dare. Daring and not trying. Now that’s fighting. My visions have had lots of fun in them and unbelievable achievements. I know those are not empty imaginations. It is actually some pep talk in my mind going on. Like “Girl, you’ve got to make this happen and there’s always a start to it”

I figured I need a tap in the back. Constantly reminding me that I need to move forward. That I need to leave my cocoon. It’s too comfortable. Having enough to fight is believing that you’re a multi. Meaning, you’ve been created in a way that you can do much. You can propel yourself greatly by pursuing and doing. 

So let’s look out for opportunities. Never have the “I can’t do this mentality” or something like “I’ve not practiced this. It’s not what I studied.” if you want to actually get there, you’ve got to have the POSSIBILITY ATTITUDE. You are called to be great honey! And this is because you can actually be. Purpose to even get closer to that which you’ve always dreamed of. A journey of a thousand miles, starts with just a single step. 

I’m addressing all of us, because I’m so much in this too. I want TO BE! 

thank you for peeping. From my heart to yours beloved. 😊😊


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