So hello good people! It must feel really great to have the festive season near. Actually, it is already here! Wuup wuup! Well for me, I’m excited. For real. I know not much has been good but with each passing day, it has gotten better. Lessons within lessons. 

Earlier today, I was trying to have a recap of my year. Honestly, there’s so so much I’d not want to have or even tag along with me in the coming year. A lot! I guess it is actually the reason it puts us in some really weird state. 

I may not have found a true icon who loves themselves as this one. 

Anyone who gets to the point of realizing that they are their own cheerleader is most definitely in the right track of life. Anyone whose courageous enough to  face the mirror and say this is good an this isn’t, is courageous enough to face the days ahead even without knowing what it holds. 

So I’m proud of not who I have been, but of who I’m simply becoming. I’ll dare to be bold. I’ll dare to fight, I’ll dare to have my fight song and I’ll dare to know that regardless, I AM ENOUGH. I don’t mean to say that I don’t need people. I need love, I need family, I need friends. But I’ll dare to believe that I am enough now, I’m enough tomorrow, I’m enough the day after and all the days to come. 

Learn lessons and apply them little by little in your life. Don’t forget to compliment. Don’t fail to lift others up when they need you, but cause the more you lift others up, the more you get closer to the top of your mounrain. 

With that little being said today, I celebrate this person from whom I have learnt to be my own Cheerleader! I like the sound of it a lot. And I appreciate the lesson to manage my expectations and daring to become. 

Merry Christmas loves! May Jesus remain the reason for this season! 

From my heart to yours. 💜


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