e2b02c3c91ebec91e7f23d7e0064e795.jpgHello there darling, how are you today? I suppose that as we near Christmas, it is getting better. Or would I rather say as we come to the end of the year? My title today is alarming I know, but there has been some kind of deficiency in that area.

As I have been growing up, I got to realize that I missed love in so many areas of my life. Either I didn’t give myself the chance to receive it, either I didn’t receive it at all or I didn’t allow myself have it either. It has been quite rocky growing up feeling that way, because the more I felt it, the more alone I felt.

Almost 2 years ago, a friend got to use these words, and apparently, a priest got to tell me the same thing too. “Lucy, you cannot give what you do not have”! I was thrown off balance and I got to ask myself, “Really? Why won’t I love myself?” “I get myself good clothes.” “I take lots of selfies” “I treat myself once in a while” So really? What do you mean I really cannot give what I do not have? Love of all things?

As time went by however, I got to learn the true message. Often we give so much love to others and genuinely, but we forget that it should begin with us. For example, love isn’t giving out all your clothes and then walking naked. Love isn’t giving out all your money and having no bus fare. Love isn’t loving someone and forgetting to love yourself. Love is kind. Love is sharing. Do you have more clothes? Give some and have some for yourself too. Do you have food? Give some and have some too. Do you have money? Give some and have some too. Do you have love? Give love and love yourself too!

It is a mistake many of us make because we have misunderstood the entire concept of love. Love is caring and love is sharing! It is not denying ourselves and having nothing at all. It is denying ourselves plenty, so that we will have to share and care with love.

31734e9889e5bd044e8accfc719e577d.jpgAs a result of trying to give what we do not have, we end up broken. We end up shattered. We end up lost with nowhere to begin. We’ve lost away and coming back proves more difficult. True love comes from wanting to see the best in others, because you believe that you too can be the best. True love comes with realizing your own strengths first, and helping others bring out theirs as well. It is never the vice versa. Be what you want to see in others. Be the light you want to see glow in others. Be the love you want to see in others.

Because at the end of the day, you will never, ever, give what you do not have.

Thanks for taking your time to just pass by and read. From my heart to yours. 🙂


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