83e52ebc6e0de4ec96b1c7ece5d3808c.jpgI wish I didn’t have to write this today but well, I figured I should.. For me, I’d rather have my own feeling written down here than not at all. It could reach out to someone.

Earlier I mentioned space or alone time. Truly it does a whole lot of good even if it is just half an hour. I’ve just read somewhere that our own bad attitudes could block our very blessings. I was struggling today, really but I got myself thinking. You see those guys that are often saying “Sasa madam”? Often in matatus, others as you walk in the streets, you’ll find others in mjengos and so many places in this country.

Well some have an ulterior motive coming with the greeting but still, I thought it is good to show them a polite attitude regardless. You know? Of course if you could tell there’s something with it, be kind and move on. Others will look on at you very smartly dressed and will be drooling and saying something like “sasa msupa” and we just get walking on. But if that politeness came from our hearts and we appreciated each complement, then it’d be good gesture. It’d heal wounds, it’d even be a positive changer!

I honestly don’t know why I am talking about all these but i think there are certain Goliaths within myself that I need to boldly face. My stone and sling may seem like they won’t be of use but I need to face the Goliaths regardless. How we talk, how we act and even how we think tells a lot about us. Is the way we present ourselves to others, the same people we are? Is what we ask others to do, the same things we do? Heavy questions, huh?

I know many of us, me very much included are fighting certain attitudes and battles within self. Some of us are struggling to let go some behavior that brings us to tears one too many times. It can change but it can change if we truly have that attitude to face it however small the stone and sling may be.You perhaps complain too much, maybe you are always very rude, perhaps you find it difficult to just smile at some people and say hello and much much more. You keep doing the things you don’t want to do and you hate yourself so much for it, it is alright. Prepare the sling and tie the stone to it and just have that boldness to face it.

There is a really beautiful quote I came across this afternoon from my very many facebook posts and it said, “Take yourself to a quiet place and bathe yourself in God’s grace”. I believe there is another chance to all of us for this life. Another chance to be happy, without having to hide the pain behind a smile. It can be genuine if we wished it to.

Once again, thank you so much for passing by. From my heart to yours. 🙂


4 thoughts on “MY GIANT

  1. “Another chance to be happy, without having to hide the pain behind a smile. It can be genuine if we wished it to.”This is my favourite part,thank you lulu God bless you.


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