20th to 21st December

25b0aed0dda1c75eb4f0ace2eacbf7aa.jpgAnd this is true! So good morning everybody! I trust you are doing fantastic this very beautiful Wednesday. For me, I am. Honestly. I’ve had a moment to just get to review everything.

So I’ve got a question to ask you, have you ever had your heart broken by a situation? Forget the relationship. We all know that part. I mean your job, your faith, your family, some tendency etc? I’ll tell you something. Last year on a date like yesterday, I was in a turmoil and needed to just think things over. Today, I woke up feeling alright until I got to the office and I felt like I needed a break!

Questions would run through my mind like “Is this break worth it?” “I’m I doing it the right way?” “Is there some kind of help I’m needing?” I couldn’t get answers to any but I got an answer to something! I needed to just do a review. When my spiritual life is failing me, everything else is never in place. True story.

I was seated in a matatu this morning coming to work. so I removed my book in my back called “Becoming a brave new woman!” I haven’t been brave enough to fight, or so I thought. Sometimes I have let people tell me, that I could still think about whatever it is I wanted with all the distractions around me. I gave in but forgot that there’s something I probably needed to change!

5fbcfd1daa18b041e7e4a17aaae29d21 There is something I’m actually needing to tell you who’s reading my post today. It is good to sometimes give yourselves space from everything, to have a meeting with self and make a life’s review. It could be 5 minutes daily, 24 hours in a week, you choose however you’d want to go about it. Sometimes, only you can save yourself from certain demons you are facing. I have not ended my year the way I started it. There’s some positive progress and some negative slow down. I wouldn’t have realized it had I not taken a break.

One last thing, space should make you better and stronger. Reach out more, love better, laugh often, pray harder, achieve better than when you went incognito or missing in action. Space should not only be a time to think, it should be a time to PRAY! connect with your God like you never have before, and see Him unravel much that seemed blurred and unclear. Give time to your Father so He is able to communicate.

I aspire to be the woman called me to be. A brave new woman! 🙂

Thank you for passing by and have a great day! From my heart to yours. 🙂


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