8855a3ad7d5dbf30ac7737fa594b1218.jpg Good morning everybody! But how are you doing this day? It’s good, it is blessed, it is sunny and you will deliver, so look up and watch God move!

I’m still making a review of my year and I’m already doing the deed. LETTING GO! Have you thought for a moment of how things would be today the 20th, if there’s something you’d let go in November same date? Have you felt a great shiver of how great the risk might have been? Have you felt some peace at how much a relief it would have been? Have you?

When I began this year, there were so may things and people I was so attached to. Thing is the more I held on to them, the more suffocated I felt. It’s like I was answerable to them for everything I got to do with my life. It was poisonous for my soul because I did only what I knew would please them.

Did you ever just have a session with yourself and see what you needed to do differently? There’s a lot I have learnt with that past year. A lot! The only unfortunate thing is I did not get to do anything with my lesson. I count that a loss because I didn’t gain a thing.

What are you struggling today to let go of? By the way let me tell you. Not everything or everyone deserves letting go. If anything, others need to be fought for. Love, friendship, businesses, and much more. As long as it keeps you accountable, as long as it makes you better, as long as you are growing with it, then fight for it but don’t get too clingy. Learn to stand up for self as well.

Letting go helps you reason as an individual. You give yourself a chance but most importantly, you let God guide your decisions and that is a beautiful thing! What is it you are letting go of this year so that you also have a chance to celebrate yourself? Do not let go so that you spite anyone. Let go because you finally need to get free!

The trees are about to show you just how beautiful letting go can be! Even that job so that you finally get to venture into business!!!!

Thanks for passing by again today. From my heart to yours. 🙂


4 thoughts on “BEAUTY IN LETTING GO

  1. It is God whom I thank because this morning I asked Him that I be a blessing in word, in deed and even through my thoughts. Appreciate the challenge because from the ashes, beauty will spring forth. Hang in there and let the Lord use the challenge to prosper you!


  2. Thank you,today is the day,am feeling inspired inspite of everything thats happening in my life,am looking forward to a year and year’s full of blessings,Thank you Lulu for the inspiration you have given me today God bless you


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