2e8a7adcedf1d5981f07bbd3a439bc24.jpgMerry Christmas in advance everybody! How is the going and how is the week looking like for you? It’s great I suppose? Well it is just 6 days to Christmas and I’m sure lots of plans are underway. I’m I right?

Let me tell you a short story. The title today should actually be mine! It is actually the second time I’m writing this post and I’m glad I’ll be the example of the day. So here’s what happened. I was already done with writing it out and ready to start sharing. But this pop up comes to my screen. “Are you sure you want to leave this page? Your unsaved data may be lost” Lucy presses “Yes”! So I go to my blog and I’m wondering, where the hell is the article I just wrote? Choice! I was already not loving my choice! It was wrong but yes, I left the page and hadn’t achieved anything at all!

Here’s the thing. We have probably wanted to make an exit to certain pages or stages of our lives, before we got to save up on so much. We have had lots of ideas in our heads but we pressed exit button before we even implemented them. We have reached out to friends, talked with them and suggested ways to propel them but yet again, pressed the exit button before we could eve use the same lessons to make us better people.

I figured with time that we sometimes are held back by comfort. We do not love what it is we do or where it we are but we want to stay there regardless. It’s not worth the effort. The truth is, any choice you want to fall in love with for days to come will not only need your effort, it’ll need your attention! It’ll need your time! It’ll need your focus! It’ll need you energy, most importantly, IT’LL NEED YOUR LOVE!

Let’s take an example, a heavy one. Someone came and swept you off your feet and your heart probably was like ” I choose him. I choose her.” When you and your choice have began going steady, aren’t you not applying all these? Time? Energy? Focus? Attention? LOVE?? I hope really, that I’m making lots of sense.

I’m a victim of either not having loved my choice, or loved it but put no factor that I’ve mentioned above. But we all want to open some clean sheet of our lives and just see how best we can be! That is worth a sacrifice! Then someone dear to me told me “Learn to manage your expectations.” He went on ahead to tell me “Expect from God” It got me thinking a lot and i felt it a good principle to live by. Simple, but yes, really powerful!

I don’t know what choices you have made this year. You probably did it so wrong and are at a really bad place right now. Thing is you’re still alive to make that difference. There’s a lot of options to choose from. You’ve got a mind and a heart. What makes you really happy that if given a chance could take you even one step ahead of where you are now? Give that a chance and at the end of the day, you’ll not only be choosing what you love, but you’ll fall in love everyday with your choice!

Ps: This one feels better than the one I accidentally (was it accidental?) deleted. Lol! Let us laugh and love together. I love my choice! My post my choice! Hehe.

Thanks for passing by though. From my heart to yours. 🙂


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