thank-youHey people! So how have you been holding up since 2 days ago? It didn’t feel like forever did it? What’s new? what has changed? What’s become beautiful? What has been the challenge? Anywho, I have been very fantastic. I’m in a really good mood today to tell you a story, but I’m not sure it’ll fit this space, lol! Let us laugh together!!

I’m sure so very many of us began the year with we call them resolutions? Others like me wrote my expectations down and pinned them to the wall, (Bedroom wall and would look at it daily), and see if there was any of it that I got to achieve. I think I had written down ten of them. Some failed, and failed terribly, some have been and others are still a work in progress, so no hope is lost yet! Wuuuuup! 🙂

Reason I’m writing down this today with so much zeal and energy is because the Lord has done it! Well there are times I didn’t get to see any of it as my mind had been too focused on the written down expectations, I didn’t see what He did that was far much better than what I had so much wanted. Today, I look back and there’s only praise on my lips.

Darling, this is a season and a time to seek His face. A season and a time to get to understand that His plans are way better than yours. A season and a time to know that He loves you. A season and a time to know that if you see every morning of avery day of the week, He is not done with you yet. It is a season and a time to prophesy and speak good things over your life because truly, they shall come to be!

Lovely.jpgThere is actually something I would wish to tell you by the way. The fact that none of your resolves have come to be and it is the last month of the year, the fact that none of your expectations have been met yet does not make you any less of important, lovely, beautiful, handsome, loved or cared for. It could only mean one thing, that all things are made beautiful IN HIS TIME! You know? Do you believe?

Words fail me today by the way at the thought of how far I have come this year. I’m not at my best yet but believe me I have walked with the best! He has been faithful and I believe He will be to the very end.

Jesus, I’m so THANKFUL, I say THANK YOU, that I’m still here and I know that you’ll be with me to the very end.

Happy New Month people and thanks for reading!

From my heart to yours! 🙂


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