4965a8ceab2d1bf81b1a3fd0ef610381.jpg“It is boring. Your kind of life, is way boring.” That’s what he told me. Not too long ago, I decided to have a chat with a friend and just get to understand life. It’s a mystery, I thought because the more we’d try to understand it, the more complicated it got. Oh yes.

It is very difficult to live a perfect life, but it is very possible to live a good kind of life. A perfect life is an example of trying to please everyone around you. Being there for everyone because you want it known that you have been reaching out, ensuring that you answer all the questions right knowing how tired you’ll get looking them up. That’s honestly difficult.

And good? It is simple. There was once a time I woke up so grouchy. I woke up late and it was a weekday, meaning, I was to go to work! Well, I woke up regardless and prepared for work. I wasn’t talking to no one. I didn’t greet anyone good morning. Not on text or even when I got to work. When I got to the office, I just sat and started working. Well I felt really bitter inside. I’d look at people and just wonder, “what kind of people are these? They don’t even want to know how anyone is doing!” I was furious. Lol. Over nothing.

So it’s that. A good life will let you take everything as it comes. If you probably oversleep and you know you will be late to work, just send an apology and say you will run late. Don’t act like it is everyone’s fault that you woke up late, you won’t greet anyone. You are under performing at work. It is all your fault! Wake up and thank God for the day. Let Him know that even if you’ll be late to work on that particular day, You still are willing to see what it is He has in store for you.

babbf087598d8e0124a4394ae1f290eb.jpgThere is something else. When you just let yourself take each moment as it comes, you will be able to live it as it is supposed. Don’t think so hard about tomorrow. There’s a common phrase, “Tomorrow may never come” so make best use of today. Live today as though it were your last and that way, tomorrow takes care of itself.

One last thing. How much do you trust God? Do you trust Him enough to believe that the grace He provides for a particular day is enough? Sufficient? Do you trust Him enough to open your heart to Him? Do you trust Him enough to love Him fearlessly? Do you trust Him enough to call Him: Sole provider, sole protector, All in All, I am, Father of all creation? Because He is all this and more.

It is only 3 days to the close of the year and we will soon be living another chapter. Forget what you didn’t do right this year. Focus more on making it better when we get into 2017. Forget the friendships you lost this year, focus on how you could restore them. Forget the many times you failed this year, focus more on how you would learn to rise after falling. Forget the insecurities you had in your relationship this year that made you restless. Focus on communication, prayer and being more trusting. There will never be another you to make you better. You are the only one that can make this great difference.

Let God control your words, your decisions and everything that causes a shift in your attitudes. He knows you better than you even know yourself. He calls you “My Beloved!”

Thank you so much for reading. From my very heart, to yours. 🙂












Hi guys… How is it going? I’m sure times are good, am I right? You see the picture up there? Speaks a lot for me. So much that I probably will never have to say out loud. 

Are you sincere with yourself or are you struggling to be someone you’re not? That’s what’s happening a lot today. We are out to impress because we fear to be rejected. Have you thought of how perhaps how it’d be if we were our true selves? 

Have you realized that you lose more than gain when you’re the person you shouldn’t be? Dwell In your own sparkle. Shine your own unique bright light because there can never be another you. 

What will you be remembered for? God didn’t create Lucy to be someone else. He made me,me because He knows He has put different abilities in me to change the world. Will you begin to see it that way? 

In so doing, your desire to achieve will be stronger because at the end of the day, you will celebrate the fact that you loved and appreciated YOU. 

Darling, you are more than you think you are. A diamond set out to shine bright. 

From my ♥ to yours. 😊


Hi beautiful person! It’s still Christmas season, but I want to believe that it has been an amazing Christmas day. I think the last few blogs I’ve made during these last days has been much about daring to be! Don’t just dare, believe you actually can be. 

Still doing a recap of my year and probably my lessons might get helping someone a great deal. Because this time around, I’m not only asking us to dare (us because I’m so much in this), but I’m asking us to have enough to fight. 

Do you often day dream? Lol, I don’t know if I would have put it any better. Sometimes I see so many random pictures in my head of places I’d want to be at. At certain positions I’d wish to get to. It doesn’t happen just once or twice, but lots of times. 

I’ve thought about it. If I can actually imagine it, it means that I badly want to get there. It means that I need to dare. Daring and not trying. Now that’s fighting. My visions have had lots of fun in them and unbelievable achievements. I know those are not empty imaginations. It is actually some pep talk in my mind going on. Like “Girl, you’ve got to make this happen and there’s always a start to it”

I figured I need a tap in the back. Constantly reminding me that I need to move forward. That I need to leave my cocoon. It’s too comfortable. Having enough to fight is believing that you’re a multi. Meaning, you’ve been created in a way that you can do much. You can propel yourself greatly by pursuing and doing. 

So let’s look out for opportunities. Never have the “I can’t do this mentality” or something like “I’ve not practiced this. It’s not what I studied.” if you want to actually get there, you’ve got to have the POSSIBILITY ATTITUDE. You are called to be great honey! And this is because you can actually be. Purpose to even get closer to that which you’ve always dreamed of. A journey of a thousand miles, starts with just a single step. 

I’m addressing all of us, because I’m so much in this too. I want TO BE! 

thank you for peeping. From my heart to yours beloved. 😊😊


For into us, a child has been born. The King, our Master, the Messiah, our Lord. He is so present in this place. Behold He stands at the door knocking, will you let Him in beloved? Will you or shall you reject Him as the Inn Keeper did? 

On this particular day, I’d not only want to say Merry Christmas. I would also wish to say that as Mary felt truly humbled to behold the greatest gift in her very arms, may you too behold the gift of His love and more love around you. May this be the day of the Lord’s divine visitation. 

I love you beloved. Have a very Merry Christmas. From my heart, 💓 to yours 😊


So hello good people! It must feel really great to have the festive season near. Actually, it is already here! Wuup wuup! Well for me, I’m excited. For real. I know not much has been good but with each passing day, it has gotten better. Lessons within lessons. 

Earlier today, I was trying to have a recap of my year. Honestly, there’s so so much I’d not want to have or even tag along with me in the coming year. A lot! I guess it is actually the reason it puts us in some really weird state. 

I may not have found a true icon who loves themselves as this one. 

Anyone who gets to the point of realizing that they are their own cheerleader is most definitely in the right track of life. Anyone whose courageous enough to  face the mirror and say this is good an this isn’t, is courageous enough to face the days ahead even without knowing what it holds. 

So I’m proud of not who I have been, but of who I’m simply becoming. I’ll dare to be bold. I’ll dare to fight, I’ll dare to have my fight song and I’ll dare to know that regardless, I AM ENOUGH. I don’t mean to say that I don’t need people. I need love, I need family, I need friends. But I’ll dare to believe that I am enough now, I’m enough tomorrow, I’m enough the day after and all the days to come. 

Learn lessons and apply them little by little in your life. Don’t forget to compliment. Don’t fail to lift others up when they need you, but cause the more you lift others up, the more you get closer to the top of your mounrain. 

With that little being said today, I celebrate this person from whom I have learnt to be my own Cheerleader! I like the sound of it a lot. And I appreciate the lesson to manage my expectations and daring to become. 

Merry Christmas loves! May Jesus remain the reason for this season! 

From my heart to yours. 💜


e2b02c3c91ebec91e7f23d7e0064e795.jpgHello there darling, how are you today? I suppose that as we near Christmas, it is getting better. Or would I rather say as we come to the end of the year? My title today is alarming I know, but there has been some kind of deficiency in that area.

As I have been growing up, I got to realize that I missed love in so many areas of my life. Either I didn’t give myself the chance to receive it, either I didn’t receive it at all or I didn’t allow myself have it either. It has been quite rocky growing up feeling that way, because the more I felt it, the more alone I felt.

Almost 2 years ago, a friend got to use these words, and apparently, a priest got to tell me the same thing too. “Lucy, you cannot give what you do not have”! I was thrown off balance and I got to ask myself, “Really? Why won’t I love myself?” “I get myself good clothes.” “I take lots of selfies” “I treat myself once in a while” So really? What do you mean I really cannot give what I do not have? Love of all things?

As time went by however, I got to learn the true message. Often we give so much love to others and genuinely, but we forget that it should begin with us. For example, love isn’t giving out all your clothes and then walking naked. Love isn’t giving out all your money and having no bus fare. Love isn’t loving someone and forgetting to love yourself. Love is kind. Love is sharing. Do you have more clothes? Give some and have some for yourself too. Do you have food? Give some and have some too. Do you have money? Give some and have some too. Do you have love? Give love and love yourself too!

It is a mistake many of us make because we have misunderstood the entire concept of love. Love is caring and love is sharing! It is not denying ourselves and having nothing at all. It is denying ourselves plenty, so that we will have to share and care with love.

31734e9889e5bd044e8accfc719e577d.jpgAs a result of trying to give what we do not have, we end up broken. We end up shattered. We end up lost with nowhere to begin. We’ve lost away and coming back proves more difficult. True love comes from wanting to see the best in others, because you believe that you too can be the best. True love comes with realizing your own strengths first, and helping others bring out theirs as well. It is never the vice versa. Be what you want to see in others. Be the light you want to see glow in others. Be the love you want to see in others.

Because at the end of the day, you will never, ever, give what you do not have.

Thanks for taking your time to just pass by and read. From my heart to yours. 🙂


83e52ebc6e0de4ec96b1c7ece5d3808c.jpgI wish I didn’t have to write this today but well, I figured I should.. For me, I’d rather have my own feeling written down here than not at all. It could reach out to someone.

Earlier I mentioned space or alone time. Truly it does a whole lot of good even if it is just half an hour. I’ve just read somewhere that our own bad attitudes could block our very blessings. I was struggling today, really but I got myself thinking. You see those guys that are often saying “Sasa madam”? Often in matatus, others as you walk in the streets, you’ll find others in mjengos and so many places in this country.

Well some have an ulterior motive coming with the greeting but still, I thought it is good to show them a polite attitude regardless. You know? Of course if you could tell there’s something with it, be kind and move on. Others will look on at you very smartly dressed and will be drooling and saying something like “sasa msupa” and we just get walking on. But if that politeness came from our hearts and we appreciated each complement, then it’d be good gesture. It’d heal wounds, it’d even be a positive changer!

I honestly don’t know why I am talking about all these but i think there are certain Goliaths within myself that I need to boldly face. My stone and sling may seem like they won’t be of use but I need to face the Goliaths regardless. How we talk, how we act and even how we think tells a lot about us. Is the way we present ourselves to others, the same people we are? Is what we ask others to do, the same things we do? Heavy questions, huh?

I know many of us, me very much included are fighting certain attitudes and battles within self. Some of us are struggling to let go some behavior that brings us to tears one too many times. It can change but it can change if we truly have that attitude to face it however small the stone and sling may be.You perhaps complain too much, maybe you are always very rude, perhaps you find it difficult to just smile at some people and say hello and much much more. You keep doing the things you don’t want to do and you hate yourself so much for it, it is alright. Prepare the sling and tie the stone to it and just have that boldness to face it.

There is a really beautiful quote I came across this afternoon from my very many facebook posts and it said, “Take yourself to a quiet place and bathe yourself in God’s grace”. I believe there is another chance to all of us for this life. Another chance to be happy, without having to hide the pain behind a smile. It can be genuine if we wished it to.

Once again, thank you so much for passing by. From my heart to yours. 🙂