Heeey lovely people! It has been forever since I got to write down something, yes? Anyways, it is never out of mind. How has the going been? Mine’s been tough but the head remains held up high. Life is short and it is free! (Oops, is it?) But how can it not be by the way?

b2142d1b30e7e0c649ff56bb3f784e29 So I have had a lot that’s been going on emotionally these past few weeks. I didn’t seem to look at it as change but rather kept myself too attached to it rather than adjust. But hey! I realized that times really do change and people and processes get to change with it as well. When I say people, I mean me included. Surely something must be wrong if we do not change with the times and with the processes and with other people as well.

Some of the phases I’ve gone through have been somewhat painful, when you should have to lose in order to gain. To lose friends in order to gain others, to lose others in order to gain friends, to lose yourself in order to get to learn, it has been a lot. But right about now, I’m looking at it very positively.

If there;s anything change has been meant to do, it is to humble us so that we get to see that which we thought we would never get to. Get to feel that which we thought was far out of reach, get to love that which we never imagined we would, get to do that which we never thought we’d do ever, (good but tough of course), reach out to those we never thought we ever would reach out to! I believe change is good, it makes us flexible from all our rigid selves.

There was also changes at my work place. I thought it would get worse and I would miss out on a lot, but i realized there’s a prize that came with it. Sometimes we want to get too comfortable, doing that which we love to do without restrictions. Our lessons therefore are very limited and we do not get to progress with the rest. The thing with this life is that everyone wants to emerge the best, to be at the lead, whether or not they’re humble. But all these come with change and we must be willing to endure it at all cost.

Let’s embrace the kind of change that’ll build us up. The kind of change that’ll make us better. The kind of change that even in loss, we gain much more. The kind of change that’ll raise us up and bring us to the top. The kind of change that’ll cause us to see something good in everything people deem bad. The kind of change most importantly, that’ll keep us humble!

It is the start of a new week btw guys! I hope you’re up to that task of experiencing a whole lot of new changes that’ll come up this fantastic week. Smile through it. It is never really that bad. Take me away love, it is a beautiful day!

From my heart to yours! 🙂


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