Hey lovely peeps! Is that what they call you in another term? So how have you been during that time I have been silent? But you have been too! I’m good and I trust you’ve been too. If not, well, it’ll be good.

Oh just to mention, I have this flu that cracked my lips. It has not been an easy weekend my friend. So I have something to tell you. During the weekend, I went on a camp with fellow youth members. Clearly at my age, I had not been to a camp before. I was very excited. I felt like a child being taken to boarding school hehe. (Well this is for kids who really love to be away from home). Knowing I would spend my entire weekend with youth, friends, family! Eh!

ced52389444fa25b71e8fa187921b30eWe were going to Rowallan camp. Wuup! I imagined sleeping in a tent with baboons and monkeys all over the place and just how adventurous it was about to get and I just couldn’t wait to get there. By the way and on that note, I want to go back to Rowallan!

the-trail-to-caves-300x224.jpgThere was nothing like this I saw there by the way. A trail to the caves? Is this Rowallan really? Anywho, here’s what excited me most. The bonding session. I imagined that there were some people I’d probably never get to be free with but this time, I had the chance to completely be myself. People probably know you, yes you to be a certain kind of person. I don’t know what they now think about me. Let us laugh together! 😀 😀 :-D. It was just too exciting!

I realized something also however. That when we are not the people we actually should be, it tends to really close a lot in. When one does not get free, let lose and speak their mind, theirs probably never room to want to learn and grow. I remember previously mentioning about balance. Even getting social is balance!

images (1).jpgThis is where we used to sleep. I tell you it was not easy but it was so much fun. Sleeping in those tents was, but lying on that ground wasn’t. Let us laugh together! 😀 😀 :-D. The hips were directly connected to the ground and the monkeys and baboons were laughing their way into dawn. Difficult yes? Still fun!

I would really wish to share a lot regarding that weekend but here’s the thing. The encounters weren’t really random. Only those with the monkeys and the baboons. Basically I realized that this life is short and we need to let go and have fun. Mother Angelica, my favorite nun but late said:

Try to laugh a lot cause this life is funny and everybody today is too serious. The only tragedy my friend, is sin! 🙂

She deserves some credit right? Let us laugh together! 😀 😀

I pray that while we balance, we will also let go. It is never that serious and being happy is a choice. It is still free!

From my heart to yours. 🙂 🙂


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