82e35ecf90c42f2e80af8b4ce19cbec7Good morning wonderful people of the world! How has it been? The times we have not interacted I mean. Its been good? Yes, I believe so. Not too long ago, I mean, it was just about 3 days ago, I had a conversation with someone special. Or does it sound better if I say close to my heart because of connection by blood? Well, whichever is better.

I realized often after that conversation, we fail for lack of balance in this life. By lack of balance in our lives, we tend to feel something missing. It’s there yes, but because we do not engage in it, the way we live life is not fully but rather like a drink half full.

Sometimes we may just decided to take a particular path in life. We often forget that each path in life has got its own detours. Negative paths with its own and positive paths with its own. It’s either like a tree with each branches where there are strong and weaker branches.. So is life and the choice of balance.

We all need to choose to be good in not just one area of life, but quite a number. The most important is the religion aspect. Know for whom you live. Then make choices on how to better yourself with ways that’ll please whom you live for and all around you. Let’s not be like swamps that make no movement. Let’s be like trees that have branches growing from all corners. That way, we could fall on either side if not all with balance.

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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