d1facb04f49e203702bb050e25bed591 (1).jpgΒ Have you found yourself in this kind of situation? Often asking yourself if or not certain people need to be in your life? The funny thing is that we get to ask these questions when these people are already in! Not like we are doing some calculations on if or not to let them in, we now start worryiing after we already allowed them. Btw is it a little bit funny. πŸ˜€

Anywho, it is not like I mean to say we are doing a bad thing. Sometimes it is fine to worry because we do not want to make wrong choices in this life and that’s okay. πŸ™‚ But there’s something we are forgetting and that’s why we end up with statements like “I think she shouldn’t be my friend or we shouldnt be friends.” “I think I’m not ready for this relationship because it already feels wrong.” “I think that was just the wrong person to date.” Well if everything is wrong to you, then why did God allow it to begin with? (I feel jitters after typing that)

I’ll tell you a little story about myself. About 3 years ago, I had myself a friend. Yes, a friend. They were really great company by the way until……. I got to a point I started feeling if really they were supposed to be in my life. You know one thing we do when we are in this phase of our friendships/relationships, is that we start treating the other person really harshly, give them a really cold attitude yet they didn’t do us anything wrong.

Well, the friendship was good and a liking began to develop and that is where the “confusion” began because our ideas and views would conflict almost all the time. There’s a whole lot we didn’t get to agree on. So i decided to just pray about it. It was the only way I could get a clear answer. I was already treating them so badly and they were really wondering and that was unfair, you know?

So in my praying about it, it was made clear that I didn’t necessarily need to treat my friend so badly, I didn’t need to worry about them being in my life, I didn’t to offer them my silent treatment. I just needed to be there friend and “ignore” the intense liking that was there. I didn’t necessarily ignore it. I just learnt how to treat and love them as they deserved and that has kept a sound friendship between us to this very day.

What I’m I trying to say? We get ahead of ourselves too much, too often and in so doing, we end up making the judgement ourselves. They should not. They should be. It shouldn’t be there. It should be here. He/she is the wrong one. He/she is the right one. I shouldn’t be more than friends with them, etc.Who told you? Well SURRENDER!

That is why you have a Father. Not just that you call Him so, but also so you surrender.


Psalm 32:8 says, I will instruct you and teach you the way in which you should go, give you counsel and watch over you!

Apparently when I feel I’m losing my mind with too much conclusion and judgement, this scripture has truly helped me know that there’s one who guides my thinking and everything else about me and I do not have to worry!

I hope this blesses you. Thanks for reading.

From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚




Heeey lovely people! It has been forever since I got to write down something, yes? Anyways, it is never out of mind. How has the going been? Mine’s been tough but the head remains held up high. Life is short and it is free! (Oops, is it?) But how can it not be by the way?

b2142d1b30e7e0c649ff56bb3f784e29Β So I have had a lot that’s been going on emotionally these past few weeks. I didn’t seem to look at it as change but rather kept myself too attached to it rather than adjust. But hey! I realized that times really do change and people and processes get to change with it as well. When I say people, I mean me included. Surely something must be wrong if we do not change with the times and with the processes and with other people as well.

Some of the phases I’ve gone through have been somewhat painful, when you should have to lose in order to gain. To lose friends in order to gain others, to lose others in order to gain friends, to lose yourself in order to get to learn, it has been a lot. But right about now, I’m looking at it very positively.

If there;s anything change has been meant to do, it is to humble us so that we get to see that which we thought we would never get to. Get to feel that which we thought was far out of reach, get to love that which we never imagined we would, get to do that which we never thought we’d do ever, (good but tough of course), reach out to those we never thought we ever would reach out to! I believe change is good, it makes us flexible from all our rigid selves.

There was also changes at my work place. I thought it would get worse and I would miss out on a lot, but i realized there’s a prize that came with it. Sometimes we want to get too comfortable, doing that which we love to do without restrictions. Our lessons therefore are very limited and we do not get to progress with the rest. The thing with this life is that everyone wants to emerge the best, to be at the lead, whether or not they’re humble. But all these come with change and we must be willing to endure it at all cost.

Let’s embrace the kind of change that’ll build us up. The kind of change that’ll make us better. The kind of change that even in loss, we gain much more. The kind of change that’ll raise us up and bring us to the top. The kind of change that’ll cause us to see something good in everything people deem bad. The kind of change most importantly, that’ll keep us humble!

It is the start of a new week btw guys! I hope you’re up to that task of experiencing a whole lot of new changes that’ll come up this fantastic week. Smile through it. It is never really that bad. Take me away love, it is a beautiful day!

From my heart to yours! πŸ™‚


Mark 14:36 And He said, “Abba Father, all things are possible to Thee. Remove this cup from me, yet not what I will, but what You will.

Ever reached this position where you just felt it was almost enough? That there’s just that proportion you could take? That it was hard? That your heart was heavy? Well, I truly have felt this way in the recent past and I was now at a point of breaking down. Sometimes things happen to us that we don’t even get to understand. We think we are at fault in every way over faults we cannot even find! The only best way I would actually get to express this is here and now! Writing! Let us smile. πŸ™‚

ba9921af4f8bc23a89ddb717a6fe316fSo there are times I have really gotten to suffer. I had resentment and anger, that little by little had began to develop into hate. Generally, I worked through it but it was getting difficult by the day. But for obvious reasons, the trigger needed to be pulled for me to have some more alertness to the issue.

While I was at work yesterday, I seemed to have a very good day until…………………………….

Because of the ordeals, because of accusations, because of so much more, I began to feel like I didn’t want to work there anymore. Besides, I had stopped giving it my best. My mind was clogged with thoughts, I didn’t seem to find a way to make it any better. My performance, everything that was good had gone bad already, but the most serious thing is that at the time, I had began not to care about it at all.

From a very honest point of view about self, I’m not the kind not to care… Actually, I’m the kind that cares too much. Extremely so I do not want to imagine what had began to become of me. I would want to write and write about a lot and about the change in attitude and about how hard headed I would have become had I not had someone to vent to. It’d probably would have been a different, sour story.

I wanted to quit! I wanted to just be! I wanted to just have everyone let me be! I was tired… Ah ah! It gets to this point. Calm turns to sadness, then to rage, then to hate!

Someone however did return my question for a question that left me dumb founded for a while. “Now that you are angry, now that you already feel so much hate, now that you cannot love these difficult people, what would Jesus have you do?”

6652e8ffe624f821baea1726756fdb7fSometimes we’d want to have ourselves justified. Even by the Lord Himself. We’d want Him telling us things like “I know you hate her/him. I understand. It is okay to stay angry. It is okay to ignore them while they talk to you. It is okay to walk away while they speak. Shout at them. Gossip. Let others know how bad they are. Give them silent treatment. I know you’re hurt, so i Β understand.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, Jesus is love and He wants us to reciprocate anger, hate, silent treatment, snobs and so much more we want to do to feel justified, all with love. That is what He would have you do. Thinking of it this way, I feel relieved. I feel a call in me to humble myself a little more. A call to just let go and just love.

I know I’m not the only one with this kind of struggle. Many are actually out there wanting so much to take revenge. Jesus would only have you love and nothing else but love.

Lord, it is heavy not only on me but for many others out there. We want to vent so angrily. We want to revenge and want to feel so good because we hate those that hurt us. But because You want us to be love like You and to love, please saturate our hearts and minds with only good thoughts of love so that we be love! Have your way! Let Your will be done Master! Alleluia.Β 

From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚ Let us smile together… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Hey lovely peeps! Is that what they call you in another term? So how have you been during that time I have been silent? But you have been too! I’m good and I trust you’ve been too. If not, well, it’ll be good.

Oh just to mention, I have this flu that cracked my lips. It has not been an easy weekend my friend. So I have something to tell you. During the weekend, I went on a camp with fellow youth members. Clearly at my age, I had not been to a camp before. I was very excited. I felt like a child being taken to boarding school hehe. (Well this is for kids who really love to be away from home). Knowing I would spend my entire weekend with youth, friends, family! Eh!

ced52389444fa25b71e8fa187921b30eWe were going to Rowallan camp. Wuup! I imagined sleeping in a tent with baboons and monkeys all over the place and just how adventurous it was about to get and I just couldn’t wait to get there. By the way and on that note, I want to go back to Rowallan!

the-trail-to-caves-300x224.jpgThere was nothing like this I saw there by the way. A trail to the caves? Is this Rowallan really? Anywho, here’s what excited me most. The bonding session. I imagined that there were some people I’d probably never get to be free with but this time, I had the chance to completely be myself. People probably know you, yes you to be a certain kind of person. I don’t know what they now think about me. Let us laugh together! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :-D. It was just too exciting!

I realized something also however. That when we are not the people we actually should be, it tends to really close a lot in. When one does not get free, let lose and speak their mind, theirs probably never room to want to learn and grow. I remember previously mentioning about balance. Even getting social is balance!

images (1).jpgThis is where we used to sleep. I tell you it was not easy but it was so much fun. Sleeping in those tents was, but lying on that ground wasn’t. Let us laugh together! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :-D. The hips were directly connected to the ground and the monkeys and baboons were laughing their way into dawn. Difficult yes? Still fun!

I would really wish to share a lot regarding that weekend but here’s the thing. The encounters weren’t really random. Only those with the monkeys and the baboons. Basically I realized that this life is short and we need to let go and have fun. Mother Angelica, my favorite nun but late said:

Try to laugh a lot cause this life is funny and everybody today is too serious. The only tragedy my friend, is sin! πŸ™‚

She deserves some credit right? Let us laugh together! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I pray that while we balance, we will also let go. It is never that serious and being happy is a choice. It is still free!

From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


82e35ecf90c42f2e80af8b4ce19cbec7Good morning wonderful people of the world! How has it been? The times we have not interacted I mean. Its been good? Yes, I believe so. Not too long ago, I mean, it was just about 3 days ago, I had a conversation with someone special. Or does it sound better if I say close to my heart because of connection by blood? Well, whichever is better.

I realized often after that conversation, we fail for lack of balance in this life. By lack of balance in our lives, we tend to feel something missing. It’s there yes, but because we do not engage in it, the way we live life is not fully but rather like a drink half full.

Sometimes we may just decided to take a particular path in life. We often forget that each path in life has got its own detours. Negative paths with its own and positive paths with its own. It’s either like a tree with each branches where there are strong and weaker branches.. So is life and the choice of balance.

We all need to choose to be good in not just one area of life, but quite a number. The most important is the religion aspect. Know for whom you live. Then make choices on how to better yourself with ways that’ll please whom you live for and all around you. Let’s not be like swamps that make no movement. Let’s be like trees that have branches growing from all corners. That way, we could fall on either side if not all with balance.

From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚


4519050b68d3629e23cc60fa1d66aadaPraise Jesus this very beautiful day! I’ve been holding up well and I trust you all have been too. On this particular morning, I thank sweet Jesus for the sound and presence of rain. He has blessed us indeed!

How often have you believed that Jesus is truly present with us? How often have you felt that Jesus was closer than you had never imagined? Well, let me give you a story of something that happened to me.

I have been born and raised in the Catholic church.I have been a Catholic since a child and have been to this very day. Since early childhood days, I have loved being in the Catholic church. I learnt how to sing the beautiful Catholic hymns when I was too little. I could even put harmonies in songs! It is true by the way!

In primary school, I served as an alter girl when I was in class 6 and I loved it. I really enjoyed it! Just sitting there beside the Priest was really amazing. One thing is for sure though, I enjoyed it then but still I hadn’t noticed that there was the presence of a Higher Power. I didn’t recognize that Jesus was truly present. That He was always our present guest from heaven, yet every single day I received Him!

Well this really continued. I mean, my receiving Jesus every single time I went to Mass but I never felt any difference. I think I really thought it was just some sort of Catholic routine and thus did it anyway. This continued, until 2012…. This was a few years after I had gotten to complete my high school.

9705764b2990011964162d82f855d525A friend of Β mine got to introduce me to a church, or let me call it a Prayer House. It was and is still there today. You must have heard of “Vincentian Prayer House” and “Vincentian Retreat Center” Si it was a one day service that started from morning till evening at 5pm. This is what happened. All my life I knew that we received the body and blood of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. But after this day, I believed that I did not only receive my King. He Himself had willed to still be with me and had chosen the form of bread to do that.

As He made a triumphant entry in Jerusalem, I saw Him make a triumphant entry again on that day. I couldn’t believe my eyes and what I saw! I never thought miracles happened in the Catholic church until the year 2012, because I never really gave much reverence to the Holy Eucharist as I do today and I have witnessed the same miracles again and again!

The Lord Himself said:

John 6:35Β Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

I now hold this words very true. I have indeed tasted and seen that the Lord has been nothing but good and that He has done nothing but love me and you! If we should give Him more reverence in the blessed Sacrament, then the more blessings and breakthroughs we will get to receive, and the more miracles we will get to witness.

Jesus, You know what? We love You!

Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


f7a60932134e27b5411f92fd632987c6Hey Guys! So how are you today? I’m sure it’s great, because why? It is Friday! That day that comes with that kind of feeling. πŸ™‚ Wuuuuuuup! πŸ™‚ I’m so excited for this weekend by the way. I don’t know why but well, yaaaah!

Earlier this week, I got to listen to the song by John Mayer, “Free falling”. A good friend suggested. It got me thinking. What’s to free fall? Well, I didn’t want to look at it from a very literal perspective but rather, at life itself. Yes. Life! Wuuuu. πŸ™‚

Life’s best lived freely. That is, taking a day at a time. Taking risks. Taking chances. Chances of love, chances of friendship, chances of work, chances of business. It doesn’t hurt as long as it is done right and freely!

I’m so excited today by the way. I have been giggling since morning. I have no specific reason why, but it is happening. The giggling I mean. It’s been there. I feel like it is that titilailai moment today. Well, I think Christmas is close.

Anywho, my darling, life is very short to live in that cocoon. We all get disappointed. Our hearts are broken to pieces, our friends leave us for others, our family doesn’t agree with anything we say or are, let alone support us, but we have to choose to be happy anyway and have to fall right where we feel it is best at the end of the day and freely!

When I was writing this post by the way, I intended to just wish my readers a good weekend. But my hands and fingers fell freely and typed much more. But I hope we gathered something. Life is too short to sulk. Life is to short to be nothing but full of joy, except in moments when we really have to be grouchy.

Have a great weekend! Thank you for reading!

From my heart to yours! πŸ™‚