986f624f09580a2ca0052286598d6fc8Good afternoon this day.. Hehe! I trust you all my good people have been keeping really well the last few days. When I wrote my last post, it was during my birthday and I was truly excited about it. So today, the excitement is still there with a little fear of having grown older, lol! How time flies. You know I’d actually waited for this day so long and now it is almost getting forgotten. Life’s truly funny. Anyway and honestly, it was super and very special!

There’s a situation I have gotten to find myself in this week. I don’t know what lesson I was supposed to gather from it but still, I learnt something. There’s this flyover at Ngara that I get to use every morning. On the stairs on both sides, there’s usually people there waiting to be helped. You can of course tell they’re in dire need of help and it is not their fault that they are.

There’s 2 of them that sit at specific places. So on 2 days I have gotten to have this kind of thought in my head, since I always get to approach the one seated at the lower part of the stairs first… “I helped this one yesterday, let me get to reach out to the one up there today.” But there comes a certain kind of heaviness with that thought. I wonder why. God, I’m just trying to act fair here. You see?

bb59688b1099f36bc2e9a8e186e12e34 But then immediately after something told me, there’s people going up the stairs, and there’s others going down the stairs. So those going down the stairs are helping the one at the top, while those going down the stairs are helping the one at the bottom.

Anyways, let me stop getting so theoretical and get straight to my lesson of the day. Do not be afraid of how much help you can give to a person in need. It could be the only help that would sustain them for that particular day.

Two, do not help in that state of worry of all others looking up to you for the same kind of help. As you’ve seen with the up down kind of theory, the Lord has them all taken care of. It doesn’t have to be you, or the other person, we all are just vessels in use and do the much we are able to do by His help.

Do not hold back. Do not fold your hands. Do not be driven by the worry that you didn’t do much. The little or much you do would be the enough for that particular day. Let God use you. When we help those in need, we lend to God. Imagine! Lending to God who owns all! Serious right?

Jesus Master, open our hearts of love to reach out with confidence in You to all in need. Not out of selfishness but selflessness and with a great love for who You are to us. Help us see the needy through Your eyes of compassion and love. Amen!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


6 thoughts on “DO IT ANYWAY

  1. That is really touching and I can honestly relate to that situation…but I normally tell your part and just do what you can..God takes care of the rest


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