HEY, good people! I trust you have been really great. I trust you have been keeping well. I’ve been thinking about how we could become God’s very beautiful women. 

While I was getting to think about it, I remembered words by Jason Gray that “It is from the deepest wounds that beauty gets to bloom” this clearly tells us that it is not an automatic thing. 

Sometimes as a woman, I will tend to cling so much on past mistakes I have made, wrong choices I made and in my fragility, use it as an excuse for doing miserably in life. Well that should never be the case. In fact we should know that we are broken,  then He builds you up and finally, He moulds us. He is the Potter and we are the clay. 

I just wrote this little piece of article today because I realize how often a beautiful woman will forget her worth and value, yet she’s a masterpiece of God’s own hand and none other’s. 

So if you are the woman out there who’s struggling with this kind of emotion, trust me the Lord brings something up from ashes and not the vice versa. 

From my heart to yours. ☺☺


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