Hey great people, it has been a while, right? Well, it has been for me a week of powerful silence that was accompanied by blessings that came in thunder sound. Just kidding, but it was powerful still. 

As I’m writing this tonight, it’s about less than 2 hours to my birthday. Can you imagine? Anyone would wish to ask, with the age you’re now turning to, have you made any achievements worth keeping the memory? To be honest, I don’t know. But I can remember the little achievements I made by the grace of God. 

I have lived my past year the much I could. I may not have put much oomph to it so it came out a little more sweeter, but I really did try. It has been a good bad good 24th year for me. 

My post today is to give thanks to my Master for one great thing He has done for me, which is increase my faith in Him. When He did this, I realized great potential in me I didn’t think of. Both in the emotional and spiritual aspect. I realize it has come with a desire to serve and be humble, regardless of the situation I’m put into, whatever the circumstances be. 

Tonight, I just need to sing an Alleluia song (Thank my Master) for this much He has done. It feels powerful enough to just thank Him for an extra minute, an extra hour, an extra day, I imagine what it feels like for you to tell Him, “Master, here’s to another year. Lots of gratitude from my heart, with love and light, all with which You give” 

So it’s a brief post as I say to myself, “Happy Birthday Lucy, and to many more days of laughter, cheer and wisdom by the help of my Lord” 

Older and wider. ☺☺☺☺

From my heart to yours! 😘


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