Good morning guys. Yet again it is a very beautiful day that we truly get to thank the good Lord Jesus for! 😀

6cbde49e7705c6eea5248853ecb3509aWe all remember that statement we’d often make while we were probably slightly younger than we are now. I remember for me, I even had all my exercise books with that title of what I wanted to become when I grew up. I wanted so badly to become a NEWS ANCHOR. In fact, I had already taken note of “Peninah Karibe” who used to be an anchor on NTV. and this was during those days I was still in primary school.

So after completing school, I was up looking for universities that had that to offer so that someday I’d also find myself anchoring news on TV. I just admired how these people did their job, how eloquent they were, pretty and handsome and more importantly, the confidence and being very outspoken. Well sadly for me, I was then very shy and antisocial. Quite contrary to that which I wanted to become almost all my life. 😦

12ba18753279d296eae179d0b41f7516At some point though, since I didn’t get to become the anchor, I felt a shattering of my dreams. Like a calabash well molded and just crashed and not able to be put together again. Things have seemed to change with time however. In my meeting different people, handling various kinds of jobs, I found my passion. Well it is not in line with what I badly wanted then, but it is slightly, I mean slightly almost there. There’s the big margin of difference though. I settled for CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

For the last 3 years I have been able to do this, I have developed a great love for it. I’ve developed a great attitude from being antisocial and learnt how to live with people. It’s good to know this by the way, there’s no way you’ll get through this kind of life we live today, without people. No man’s an Island.

So why did I say all this? Sometimes, we may want to become tings because we simply admired and it really gets to us. I’m not saying it is a bad thing. However, it sometimes tends to make us not see the strength in us that could make us better persons that what we really admire. This is because this is in us and has got great power.

Admiring would help us get to borrow one or two things that those whom we admire do. But if we worked on that inner strength and ability in us, it helps us make other people better and powerful. We impart. We may sometimes never get to be where we want to be because we didn’t walk the path that had been set for us by God. Instead we chose the one that really didn’t belong to us and thus yielded little or no results at all.

Be young and discover the powerful thing in you. You never know how much light you’ll bring into the world in knowing you brought out a hidden power in you. You don’t know just how much it pleases the Lord knowing you made full use of your gift. The little something in you that blossoms into something very big. Let us therefore admire and aspire, but not forget we are great people from the inside!

I love you guys. From my heart to yours! 🙂



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