Good morning guys this very bright Monday! I trust the going has been great and especially for that past weekend. We thank Jesus! So today I just got myself thinking, and thus I came up with this..

……….. She kept asking me as often times as she could. “How many men will I date before I get to find the right one?” At first, I really did not know what to tell her. There was no immediate response I’d give to her. But truth of the matter is, I could see the frustration and disappointment she felt, given that she had been heartbroken so many times. Maria was a lovely girl my age. (24 years old). We had grown up together and attended the same schools since we were little.

Time flew so fast and we were finally grown up girls! Wuup! We were at an age where it seemed quite odd if one didn’t have that someone to floss with around town and call their own. That was all we wanted. Someone. Well I wasn’t in as much need for “the someone” as was Maria, so I really didn’t care to search as aggressively as she did, creating as many impressions as I would. Either it was provocative dressing, drinking too much to show just how brave and good you were at it. Worse of all, she didn’t care she had gone to bed with quite a number of these someones.

Something seemed to happen repetitively and I noticed the trend. I had to sit Maria down and talk to her. She was my friend and I didn’t like what she was putting herself into. Life for us wasn’t to get boyfriends and walk around town with them holding hands. What of the education after high school? What of the careers we’d both intended to grow at? What of our parents back at home? It wasn’t easy.

Maria had been in a chain of relationships and none had seemed to work. I even asked her if she felt that any of the “someones” she’d been with would at least make a potential husband for her in future. “Lucy” She told me. “To be honest, I’ve never been happy, since I started going out with men. I have never found the one I’d truly call my own. The more times I date, the emptier I feel.” I understood Maria. She had never had time for self. All she cared for then was that she had someone, just like everybody else. She’d lost focus and her life was at the time with no meaning. She didn’t care about looking for work. All she needed was liquor and sex. But her need made her feel more void rather than fulfilled.46c43a2dfbe137839f61a40b06137f9a Maria needed a wake up call. Truly she’d been into a very deep sleep and unfortunately, only she would bring herself back to a life of normalcy again. She held the key to this decision. “Maria. You and I have been friends a long time and it is sad you’re going through all this. Why not try to take sometime by self, make a list of things you’d love to achieve. It is never too late.” Emptiness and hollowness inside was clearly indicating that Maria had no love at all for self. This was missing inside of her and it needed quick mending. She was destroyed.

I’d wish to write more and more and especially share Maria’s experience to the end, but here’s the thing. You cannot give what you do not have. There’s simply no way you can love another and truly, if you’ve not had the slightest love for self. How about from the godly perspective? It does not mean that because you’re single, there is everything wrong about you. In fact you’re in the best position to ask God to change, to mend, to mould and to prepare. Things happen to people differently and at different times. We can not all have things happen to us at the same time. We need life lessons and experiences to share. We need to be hurt so we get stronger. we need to rise up up, shake off the dust and move on. We can’t just be at the same point.

08f9ca2e68a9cdadc4b5de09bfa9b78dThere’s a virtue that was completely absent in Maria, one that is absent to so many of us. We hate to wait. We hate to hold on a while longer. We hate to endure situations. Well it is just the nature of humans. But however much we hate it, we are needing to exercise a little patience.

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31.

We have to wait upon the Lord in everything. There’s a lot of refining that is done during the wait or hold process and we’ve got to appreciate it. While we wait, let’s not get distracted. Let’s not indulge in wrong. Let us simply pray to be patient for the best that is yet to come. Most importantly, let us have love for God and for self. This will in the end teach us to depend on the right people.

Lord Jesus, I thank You for what You have done, are doing and You will do. I know and believe in my heart that this will help someone today. It is never the end of the road with You, for You are ready to fill that empty space in our hearts with Your love. As You fill us with You love, please change in us what You want to change. We believe in You, we trust in You and we love You. Amen!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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