Hey! So good morning guys and how are you? It has been a while I put something up here. However, today I’ll be very brief as is my title above.

So, yesterday I was having this conversation with a very good friend of mine and she mentioned something that made so much sense to me. How often have we berated our Jesus when are situations are topsy turvy?

Have you found yourself having problems now and again and the first person you are always running to is the one that’s closest to your heart? It could be Bae, it could be Bff, it could be Ma, just anyone who of course is second to Jesus in your heart. ☺☺☺

You know what we have forgotten? That’s why we often feel a void still even after being so hearty with Bae, bff and MA. We do not go to our first love to get direction. We do not remember Jesus so many times.

I felt that if we adopted this as often times as we would, getting to Jesus and telling Him our frustrations before we do anyone else, then He would have already given whom we speak to next just the right words to tell us! Let us seek Him!

He has asked us to seek Him. Seek Him with all our hearts and we will find Him. He will show us that which we do not even understand. We have wasted privilege and settled for second best. Let’s change this and I’m sure in realizing only He is worthy, our lives shall make divine turnarounds.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!

From my heart to yours. ☺☺☺☺


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