Hey people! I trust you’re good? So I’m doing amazingly well myself. Imagine,  have been thinking about the Adam and Eve story from Genesis? Clearly not when they got to eat the forbidden fruit, but at that point Adam made a declaration on how he and his Eve were compatible! Let’s see. 🙂

Genesis 2:23- The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.

Not too long ago I was listening to a renowned Pastor on You tube and he was talking about how to identify your soulmate. Some points were much striking though given the much depression we’d get into in trying to identify that one person who stands out from all the rest.

If a man just needs to go to sleep for him to have God take a rib from his side and get him his significant other, then what do we women need to do? Each of us is in quest of search for a soulmate. We’d all love to settle down with someone who’s our significant other someday (except those without the feeling). So the striking bit of his talk was this “You do not need to seek your soulmates out. God presents them to you at the right time, when you are ready.”

We are impatient by nature. We make rush and very wrong decisions in the name of wanting to settle down and have babies. We are broken, and before we have even gotten to heal, we already are with an umpteenth significant other. When will you find your flesh and your bone if you won’t allow yourself be whole and ready?

When you’re whole, there will be someone to be able to complement you and not to come and fill a void that’s been left by a number of people with whom none has been able to fill. We are called to wait and pursue through prayer.

So in a nutshell, each and everyone of us would be able to identify a soulmate as Adam did. God waited until  He felt completely that Adam now needed a companion. Before then, Adam had a task and a purpose to live. He was to tend the Lord’s garden. He was to earn a sense of responsibility by taking care of God’s creation and even giving names to the animals. You’re all conversant with this creation story.

If you’ve not been able to define your purpose yet, it’d be difficult to identify with anyone you’d want so much to call a soulmate. And to define this needs a lot of spending time with God until He can finally feel that you’re free to have an added responsibility to love and care for another person and in a special way.

Therefore, be patient. Allow time to heal from all brokenness and be whole. Let God help you in defining your purpose. Take care of what the Lord has at the moment entrusted to you, and in the end, a time will come when like Adam you’ll declare when finally he or she gets presented to you and without a doubt, “This is the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh.” Have a good one!

From my heart to yours! 🙂


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