Hey guys! So I have not done this thing for quite sometime. I’m not even sure I should be writing what I’m already writing today! Well, let’s see how it’ll go. Has anyone of you “like me” found   in love, and then out of love, after heartbroken and now the order of everyday becomes, “I’m sure I’m to blame for our relationship not working out.” I have said this countless times, I’m even tired. I mean, wasn’t there any good thing I did? Lol!

I honestly do not know what triggered this but let’s see. Often we have felt that there are these very people, (and it is a feeling that doesn’t go) who need to be in our lives. Even if  they’ve come before, made promises, raised our hopes and left, we still have that feeling. I can’t even tell how to describe it because it is crazy. We move on, both you and him and then 2 years later he or she is back. “Hey! Long time its been. I’ve missed you dear, you’ve been good?” Clearly, it is weird.

Sometimes it is not even us getting to force things to happen. Clearly it is the things forcing themselves on us. Would God be putting us in this kind of situation for a reason? Would he be trying to pass a message? Was the mission incomplete when our people were around? It is not easy. But it is interesting you would agree.

There’s a lesson I have come to learn from it however. If it didn’t work out with them then, it was intended not to for both your good. Not because you were wrong and he was right, or the vice versa. I’m convinced in thinking that a virtue is like a magnet and will keep attracting some people to you. Not so that they come to confuse you, but so that they could get helped through you. The opposite is true. You may keep getting attracted to some people for the right reasons. It does not always have to be for wrong reasons but you too could get helped through these people however impossible it may seem.

I’ve also gotten to realize that some people hold truths about about us that we often do not wish to get reminded of. Either because it hurts us to know so, or because we do not want to change the fact about truth. They mean no harm. God never makes mistakes when He puts people in our lives. Remember, just like He is a God of seasons, He is also a God of reason. Do not get worked up anytime someone keeps coming back to you, it is not always necessarily to distract you.You may never get to learn just how much difference you are able to make in someone’s life, until you get to give them a chance.

So, someone has come back. And they keep coming back! Good thing is now I know better. 🙂

True love is never false. It is wide in scope though. It doesn’t revolve around just one thing. 🙂

From my heart to yours 🙂


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