Say yes to Him today!

So, good afternoon lovely people. I trust that all has been well with you and especially this day. It is September. Many have associated it with “birth” and this is not the literal one by the way. This is the month that we get to bear lots and lots of fruit from our effort, by the grace and help of God and in the Mighty Name of our King of  Kings!


Now have you ever been in a situation where you felt so comfortable of whatever it is you’re doing, not because you have fallen in love with what you’re doing but because you’re afraid to make a bigger step in your life? There’s no boldness. Only an anxiety and a fear of what it  will turn out to be.

Well, I have. Truthfully speaking, it has happened not once, not twice but too many times. I was living an “okay” life. All was going well. Nothing else mattered. You know what’s dangerous about this? Because we are too comfortable, we won’t realize when God’s trying to offer something different but better!

Let us take an example of Moses in the Bible. His excuse wasn’t comfort with whatever he was doing at the time, rather he gave an excuse of slurred speech. Or did he say that he was a stammerer? Well one of those. Imagine if Moses had not agreed to heeding the call of God. Imagine if he had chosen to stick to his excuse regardless and God having chosen Aaron over him.

I’m not saying Aaron wasn’t a good man and that we don’t remember him today. We do, but Moses is talked about so much for what he did for the Israelites through the help of God, even if it wasn’t him that crossed them to the promised land.

Now, imagine yourself in the position of Moses. Is there a behavior you’re struggling to let go of? Is there a job you are too attached to and declining opportunities because you’re okay? Are you afraid of relocating because you are afraid you may not find new friends? Well all these are but excuses. However, the Lord might be using all of these, to cause something great happen in you!

I know sometimes it is difficult because we need to discern to know. But let us live also with an attitude like that of Abraham. That even though He didn’t know to which land God was sending Him to, he went anyway. And today, we do not only celebrate him for leaving and trusting God with the unknown destination. We call him Abraham, the Father of Faith!

This September, the month of birth, may you resolve to trust the Lord even with the unknown. He wouldn’t put you into situations He knows you won’t handle. All He asks for, is your trust. Child, will you let go and let God?

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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