Good morning guys this very bright Monday! I trust the going has been great and especially for that past weekend. We thank Jesus! So today I just got myself thinking, and thus I came up with this..

……….. She kept asking me as often times as she could. “How many men will I date before I get to find the right one?” At first, I really did not know what to tell her. There was no immediate response I’d give to her. But truth of the matter is, I could see the frustration and disappointment she felt, given that she had been heartbroken so many times. Maria was a lovely girl my age. (24 years old). We had grown up together and attended the same schools since we were little.

Time flew so fast and we were finally grown up girls! Wuup! We were at an age where it seemed quite odd if one didn’t have that someone to floss with around town and call their own. That was all we wanted. Someone. Well I wasn’t in as much need for “the someone” as was Maria, so I really didn’t care to search as aggressively as she did, creating as many impressions as I would. Either it was provocative dressing, drinking too much to show just how brave and good you were at it. Worse of all, she didn’t care she had gone to bed with quite a number of these someones.

Something seemed to happen repetitively and I noticed the trend. I had to sit Maria down and talk to her. She was my friend and I didn’t like what she was putting herself into. Life for us wasn’t to get boyfriends and walk around town with them holding hands. What of the education after high school? What of the careers we’d both intended to grow at? What of our parents back at home? It wasn’t easy.

Maria had been in a chain of relationships and none had seemed to work. I even asked her if she felt that any of the “someones” she’d been with would at least make a potential husband for her in future. “Lucy” She told me. “To be honest, I’ve never been happy, since I started going out with men. I have never found the one I’d truly call my own. The more times I date, the emptier I feel.” I understood Maria. She had never had time for self. All she cared for then was that she had someone, just like everybody else. She’d lost focus and her life was at the time with no meaning. She didn’t care about looking for work. All she needed was liquor and sex. But her need made her feel more void rather than fulfilled.46c43a2dfbe137839f61a40b06137f9a Maria needed a wake up call. Truly she’d been into a very deep sleep and unfortunately, only she would bring herself back to a life of normalcy again. She held the key to this decision. “Maria. You and I have been friends a long time and it is sad you’re going through all this. Why not try to take sometime by self, make a list of things you’d love to achieve. It is never too late.” Emptiness and hollowness inside was clearly indicating that Maria had no love at all for self. This was missing inside of her and it needed quick mending. She was destroyed.

I’d wish to write more and more and especially share Maria’s experience to the end, but here’s the thing. You cannot give what you do not have. There’s simply no way you can love another and truly, if you’ve not had the slightest love for self. How about from the godly perspective? It does not mean that because you’re single, there is everything wrong about you. In fact you’re in the best position to ask God to change, to mend, to mould and to prepare. Things happen to people differently and at different times. We can not all have things happen to us at the same time. We need life lessons and experiences to share. We need to be hurt so we get stronger. we need to rise up up, shake off the dust and move on. We can’t just be at the same point.

08f9ca2e68a9cdadc4b5de09bfa9b78dThere’s a virtue that was completely absent in Maria, one that is absent to so many of us. We hate to wait. We hate to hold on a while longer. We hate to endure situations. Well it is just the nature of humans. But however much we hate it, we are needing to exercise a little patience.

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31.

We have to wait upon the Lord in everything. There’s a lot of refining that is done during the wait or hold process and we’ve got to appreciate it. While we wait, let’s not get distracted. Let’s not indulge in wrong. Let us simply pray to be patient for the best that is yet to come. Most importantly, let us have love for God and for self. This will in the end teach us to depend on the right people.

Lord Jesus, I thank You for what You have done, are doing and You will do. I know and believe in my heart that this will help someone today. It is never the end of the road with You, for You are ready to fill that empty space in our hearts with Your love. As You fill us with You love, please change in us what You want to change. We believe in You, we trust in You and we love You. Amen!

From my heart to yours. 🙂



Hey! Good evening once again. Well I know I had wished you an amazing weekend already, but something just crossed my mind. This is what did.

John 9:2 onwards: As Jesus was passing by, He saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned,this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened that the works of God would be displayed in him.…

How many times have we blamed either ourselves or our parents for the situations we are in because it seems endless? For this man it was blindness. Modern situations would include things like addiction to sex, addiction to drugs, being a failure in school, not getting a life partner, having financial difficulties, being in and out of hospital for different illnesses, name them….

This scripture has caused me to see everything in my life from a more different but positive perspective. No one has it easy. We’ve all got our different struggles in life and are called to face them with utmost patience and faith. I believe initially we’d be excused for blaming ourselves a lot for all the misfortunes and catastrophes that befell us, but since we are now Christians who believe in the death and resurrection of Our Lord in that through His dying and rising, all chains have been broken.

There’s a promise the Lord NEVER made though. There’s not at any one point while reading scripture I have come across a scripture that says, “Now that you know me and choose to follow me, it is going to be forever easy.” In fact the one I’m very much conversant with (not sure of the exact scripture) is, “If you follow Me, you must be willing to suffer for my Name’s sake.”

The fact that it is a lot and very painful, is what has caused us to live a life of blame. Either we blame self, our families or even our friends and other people we love. Know this my friend, Every chain was broken and we were set free when the curtain split in two, Christ in groans of pain forgave they that did all they did to Him, which is US, and He breathed His last but most importantly HE ROSE and is very much alive today!

9ab2b3cfe9c3259525da6b643f9362f7So today, Jesus Himself is saying, it is not your fault that you’re suffering. Neither is it your parents’ or anyone that’s in your mind now as you read this is the cause of your misfortune. The Lord is allowing it for a reason. He is waiting for the opportune time. Do not be conformed so much into this world as to fail to see the truth of the matter.

Opportune: This is what Our Lord and Master is waiting for. The appropriate time to manifest His glory into your situation. His response to the twelve was, ………. “But so God’s glory would be seen in and through Him.”

We that suffer or go through misfortunes are called to be silent in it but loud in believing it is for a cause and reason. And the reason is that it is all for God’s glory. When we lament and blame, we block the work of God in our lives which is a manifestation of His glory. I pray this evening that we will claim this verse in our lives, and we sure will experience His power that’s forever moving.

Jesus, My Savior, King and Master I adore You. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who’s inspired me to share this before the day closes. I believe because of You, we will appreciate our sufferings as You did, that brought salvation to the entire human race and God’s glory was made manifest. You’re now enthroned with Him in heaven. Give us the patience as of the blind man. Help us believe You’re waiting for the opportune time and soon You’ll turn things around for our good, because You’re intentional and You’re love. How I love and thank You Jesus, Amen.

From my heart to yours. 🙂


Hey! So good morning guys and how are you? It has been a while I put something up here. However, today I’ll be very brief as is my title above.

So, yesterday I was having this conversation with a very good friend of mine and she mentioned something that made so much sense to me. How often have we berated our Jesus when are situations are topsy turvy?

Have you found yourself having problems now and again and the first person you are always running to is the one that’s closest to your heart? It could be Bae, it could be Bff, it could be Ma, just anyone who of course is second to Jesus in your heart. ☺☺☺

You know what we have forgotten? That’s why we often feel a void still even after being so hearty with Bae, bff and MA. We do not go to our first love to get direction. We do not remember Jesus so many times.

I felt that if we adopted this as often times as we would, getting to Jesus and telling Him our frustrations before we do anyone else, then He would have already given whom we speak to next just the right words to tell us! Let us seek Him!

He has asked us to seek Him. Seek Him with all our hearts and we will find Him. He will show us that which we do not even understand. We have wasted privilege and settled for second best. Let’s change this and I’m sure in realizing only He is worthy, our lives shall make divine turnarounds.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!

From my heart to yours. ☺☺☺☺



Hey people! I trust you’re good? So I’m doing amazingly well myself. Imagine,  have been thinking about the Adam and Eve story from Genesis? Clearly not when they got to eat the forbidden fruit, but at that point Adam made a declaration on how he and his Eve were compatible! Let’s see. 🙂

Genesis 2:23- The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.

Not too long ago I was listening to a renowned Pastor on You tube and he was talking about how to identify your soulmate. Some points were much striking though given the much depression we’d get into in trying to identify that one person who stands out from all the rest.

If a man just needs to go to sleep for him to have God take a rib from his side and get him his significant other, then what do we women need to do? Each of us is in quest of search for a soulmate. We’d all love to settle down with someone who’s our significant other someday (except those without the feeling). So the striking bit of his talk was this “You do not need to seek your soulmates out. God presents them to you at the right time, when you are ready.”

We are impatient by nature. We make rush and very wrong decisions in the name of wanting to settle down and have babies. We are broken, and before we have even gotten to heal, we already are with an umpteenth significant other. When will you find your flesh and your bone if you won’t allow yourself be whole and ready?

When you’re whole, there will be someone to be able to complement you and not to come and fill a void that’s been left by a number of people with whom none has been able to fill. We are called to wait and pursue through prayer.

So in a nutshell, each and everyone of us would be able to identify a soulmate as Adam did. God waited until  He felt completely that Adam now needed a companion. Before then, Adam had a task and a purpose to live. He was to tend the Lord’s garden. He was to earn a sense of responsibility by taking care of God’s creation and even giving names to the animals. You’re all conversant with this creation story.

If you’ve not been able to define your purpose yet, it’d be difficult to identify with anyone you’d want so much to call a soulmate. And to define this needs a lot of spending time with God until He can finally feel that you’re free to have an added responsibility to love and care for another person and in a special way.

Therefore, be patient. Allow time to heal from all brokenness and be whole. Let God help you in defining your purpose. Take care of what the Lord has at the moment entrusted to you, and in the end, a time will come when like Adam you’ll declare when finally he or she gets presented to you and without a doubt, “This is the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh.” Have a good one!

From my heart to yours! 🙂



Hey guys! So I have not done this thing for quite sometime. I’m not even sure I should be writing what I’m already writing today! Well, let’s see how it’ll go. Has anyone of you “like me” found   in love, and then out of love, after heartbroken and now the order of everyday becomes, “I’m sure I’m to blame for our relationship not working out.” I have said this countless times, I’m even tired. I mean, wasn’t there any good thing I did? Lol!

I honestly do not know what triggered this but let’s see. Often we have felt that there are these very people, (and it is a feeling that doesn’t go) who need to be in our lives. Even if  they’ve come before, made promises, raised our hopes and left, we still have that feeling. I can’t even tell how to describe it because it is crazy. We move on, both you and him and then 2 years later he or she is back. “Hey! Long time its been. I’ve missed you dear, you’ve been good?” Clearly, it is weird.

Sometimes it is not even us getting to force things to happen. Clearly it is the things forcing themselves on us. Would God be putting us in this kind of situation for a reason? Would he be trying to pass a message? Was the mission incomplete when our people were around? It is not easy. But it is interesting you would agree.

There’s a lesson I have come to learn from it however. If it didn’t work out with them then, it was intended not to for both your good. Not because you were wrong and he was right, or the vice versa. I’m convinced in thinking that a virtue is like a magnet and will keep attracting some people to you. Not so that they come to confuse you, but so that they could get helped through you. The opposite is true. You may keep getting attracted to some people for the right reasons. It does not always have to be for wrong reasons but you too could get helped through these people however impossible it may seem.

I’ve also gotten to realize that some people hold truths about about us that we often do not wish to get reminded of. Either because it hurts us to know so, or because we do not want to change the fact about truth. They mean no harm. God never makes mistakes when He puts people in our lives. Remember, just like He is a God of seasons, He is also a God of reason. Do not get worked up anytime someone keeps coming back to you, it is not always necessarily to distract you.You may never get to learn just how much difference you are able to make in someone’s life, until you get to give them a chance.

So, someone has come back. And they keep coming back! Good thing is now I know better. 🙂

True love is never false. It is wide in scope though. It doesn’t revolve around just one thing. 🙂

From my heart to yours 🙂


Good morning beloved. So it has been a little while and I haven’t put up a post yet. Well, I have been good and I trust you have been too. Most importantly, I have had to learn great lessons. Some were great challenges, but all were good and I celebrate being wiser today.

Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with my friend in the course of the day. I think that friends are truly important. I say this because, if you get to be very intimate with a friend, you will come to realize that the much you thought you knew is actually just but a tip. You actually cannot get to know everything. You cannot also get to understand everything.

In my discussion with my friend, I realized that something was happening in me, that I actually did not think was. I realized that I have so much, so much to worry about that the positive aspect of my life is too little. Even the things i have got no control over, I worry about also.

It all ended well. However much it was heavy to take in (which is something with the truth), it ended well. So in the evening I decided to go for mass, and then adoration. Basically when I attend both, I always feel as light as a feather. However, the case was different. I even left at least ten minutes before adoration was over. The heaviness in my heart was too much.

As I walked home, I had a dialogue with my Master Jesus. I could really feel there was something He was trying to show or to do in me. I honestly could feel it. However, I had put a wall between me and what He wanted to do because, there was worry, tension, sadness and so much in my heart that I couldn’t understand. And then, there was a lot of tears in my eyes. I was in emotional pain and torment and was totally confused about how I’d weather this one.

However, the Lord has told me this:

I am with you, and I have got everything. 🙂

And true to this, He surely has got everything. When I woke up this morning, most of what I could say was ‘I thank You Lord for…………’

So why did I share this with you on such an early morning? I know often we have found ourselves at a crossroad. It is either we cannot make a decision because we are confused, or we can figure out nothing at all.

I believe it is this way because we have allowed ourselves simply handle everything by ourselves. We won’t even let God! When we won’t let God, He won’t act. The only thing He can actually do is wait for you to let go, so that at the end of the day He can act.

So here’s what the word of God is encouraging us to do today. That is, to trust and be thankful. Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand!

Alleluia! What a promise from our God today. Will you claim it? Do you believe it? If you do, then it is time to empty your heart of worry and tension. He has got you today. He has got you tomorrow and He will be with you till the end of time. In lack, He will provide. In uncertainty, He will make everything clear. Don’t be rush. Just empty your heart of worry and He will act.

Meanwhile also, it is my mother’s birthday. Mother of Jesus, Mother of the world. Queen of heaven and of the earth, OUR LADY!!! Keep calm. 🙂

Keep calm for it is Mama’s birthday. Happy birthday Our Lady! 🙂

From my heart to yours! 🙂


Say yes to Him today!

So, good afternoon lovely people. I trust that all has been well with you and especially this day. It is September. Many have associated it with “birth” and this is not the literal one by the way. This is the month that we get to bear lots and lots of fruit from our effort, by the grace and help of God and in the Mighty Name of our King of  Kings!


Now have you ever been in a situation where you felt so comfortable of whatever it is you’re doing, not because you have fallen in love with what you’re doing but because you’re afraid to make a bigger step in your life? There’s no boldness. Only an anxiety and a fear of what it  will turn out to be.

Well, I have. Truthfully speaking, it has happened not once, not twice but too many times. I was living an “okay” life. All was going well. Nothing else mattered. You know what’s dangerous about this? Because we are too comfortable, we won’t realize when God’s trying to offer something different but better!

Let us take an example of Moses in the Bible. His excuse wasn’t comfort with whatever he was doing at the time, rather he gave an excuse of slurred speech. Or did he say that he was a stammerer? Well one of those. Imagine if Moses had not agreed to heeding the call of God. Imagine if he had chosen to stick to his excuse regardless and God having chosen Aaron over him.

I’m not saying Aaron wasn’t a good man and that we don’t remember him today. We do, but Moses is talked about so much for what he did for the Israelites through the help of God, even if it wasn’t him that crossed them to the promised land.

Now, imagine yourself in the position of Moses. Is there a behavior you’re struggling to let go of? Is there a job you are too attached to and declining opportunities because you’re okay? Are you afraid of relocating because you are afraid you may not find new friends? Well all these are but excuses. However, the Lord might be using all of these, to cause something great happen in you!

I know sometimes it is difficult because we need to discern to know. But let us live also with an attitude like that of Abraham. That even though He didn’t know to which land God was sending Him to, he went anyway. And today, we do not only celebrate him for leaving and trusting God with the unknown destination. We call him Abraham, the Father of Faith!

This September, the month of birth, may you resolve to trust the Lord even with the unknown. He wouldn’t put you into situations He knows you won’t handle. All He asks for, is your trust. Child, will you let go and let God?

From my heart to yours. 🙂