Good morning brethren! God is so good all the time! I trust all has been completely well with you. There’s something I would love to talk about this day that we so much tend to confuse or rather, mix up.

There was once a lady named Letisha, and she used to be a very close friend of mine. We had known each other for quite sometime because our lives for each other were similar to open books. The fact that our friendship was blessed was all due to a love we both had for the Almighty God. Letisha had a lovely personality and that is what kept me close to her all the time.She would make a positive conclusion out of every situation that seemed to loom darkness over my life.

Letisha had secured a job at a multinational company but still she kept great humility intact. There was a lot of things i was trying to put together with my life. I considered myself to have a messy and an unforgivable past. Letisha’s encouragement wasn’t enough for me. Her advise for me to let go because God had erased it all wasn’t doing me any good either. Remember, I didn’t have a job, there was issues at home and I blamed it all on a past that I’d repented so many times over, but still felt the same messy person. Even if the messes were no longer there.

I loved Letisha but my negativity was hurting her the more. Imagine your best friend so positive about life, and this is you doing the exact opposite. I loved God but I didn’t believe He had truly cleaned up all that. How now? It was too ugly.

One day, we attended a one day service at a prayer house we both love to go to most of the time. We made a friend! Yeeey! Anyway, during that whole period and especially during that moment of surrender to the Lord, the Priest, (we are Catholics) put so much emphasis on the scripture from Isaiah 43:18-19. 🙂

Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago, consider not.

See, I’m doing something new! Now, it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

In the desert I will make, in the wasteland, in rivers.

So  you would know what it means for a servant of the Lord to lay emphasis on a scripture that has got so much power. Letisha smiled when she realized that had marked a new beginning for me. True to this realization, everything had changed for me. So i also had this kind of mindset, when we have waited so much for a breakthrough, and it happens eventually, is it because our patience has paid, or is it because the Lord Himself has willed so?

Obviously, the Lord willed to bless you at that time. He willed that you wait. You did not just sit and wait for the blessing. Credit isn’t to you, it is to the Lord who made it possible!


So my message this day will be to those not letting go. Kindly get to believe that the mercy of the Lord is abundant. He is an unchanging God! If He says He has erased your sin. That He has kept it so far from you, as far as East is from the West, surely it is true. God isn’t man that He should lie. Believe and live in God alone! Stand to His true promise.

Finally, it is God that gives us the strength to be patient before He finally makes Himself manifest. We are not blessed because we waited. We are blessed because we trusted in the Lord, who in His will enabled us the strength and grace to wait. Letisha and I are now doing so well and we thank God for a God centered friendship. Daily we believe that because of Him, it is well with us.

Have a very blessed and productive day today.

From my heart to yours! 🙂